May 2014


All the content from the May, 2014, Home Sweet Home issue!


Cover art this month: “The Passing” Oil on Linen 24x30 ©Rebecca N King 2010

Cover art this month: “The Passing”
Oil on Linen 24×30
©Rebecca N King 2010




Mainstay: Providing A Safe Home by Mary Ickes


Mothering The Mother by Start From Seed Doulas


Redefining Home by Jacqui Castle


Women Setting A New Course by LaDean Peterson


Mary Benson House: Recovery Haven by Rachael Johns


Art Partners: Ikebana & Containers


Mother & Children Stand Strong by Kiesa Kay


Coming Home To Your Self by Marie Davis, MA, LPC & Tayria Ward, Ph.D


Rotarians Fighting Hunger by Eleanor Ashton


Caring For Sisters In Need by Sandra Franklin


Tablecloths From ‘Round The World by Janis Gingermountain


Finding Where You Need To Be by Sherri Wren Haymore


Making A Dent In A Man’s World by Susan Metcalf







Words From The Editor by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker


Funny, Isn’t It? by Jeanne Charters


CosmiComedy: Run Away, Run Away! by Lavinia Plonka


Meet Our Advertisers: Mary Jane Grigsby/Adesso Design


Meet Our Advertisers: Home Gear Shop


Meet Our Advertisers: Jane T. Cicchetti, CCH





Common Sense Health


New Autism Numbers: Connecting the Dots by Maureen ‘Mo’ McDonnell, RN


Currency Corner & Home Space


Organizing 202: The ABCs of Organizing – “E” Is Entryways by Sophie Noll


Food For Thought


Fat Thoughts by Sandy McCall


Mindfully Yours


Growing Community Where We Are Planted by Judith Toy


Minding Her Own Business


Women, Spirit & Money: Helping Others ‘Too Much’ by Sherri L. McLendon


Pet Care Corner


What to Do if Your Pet is Stung by a Bee, Hornet or Wasp by Animal Hospital of North Asheville


Women Making Music


Torch Singer, A Tribute to Linda Ronstadt by Peggy Ratusz


Words By Women: Poetry/Fiction/Book Reviews


Book Review: “Dancing on Rocks” by Rose Senehi reviewed by Mary Ickes


Poetry: Living Wabi Sabi by Clara B. Jones


Poetry: Hanging Out the Wash by Carol Dreiling


Poetry: The Honorable Needle by Judith Ann Scheckel




The fabulously fun and informative Lunch & Learn event with Saralyn Collins, sponsored by WNC Woman, takes place this month on July 17th.
Event begins at 11:30 with networking, then lunch, introductions, workshop and discussion. LOCATION: Four Points Sheraton Hotel (exit 240 and Merrimon) 22 Woodfin St (easy parking and access).
To learn more and register: Click here for details!

Hope to see you there!

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