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ARTISTS (see also Women’s Art Space)

v Diane English (a.k.a The Great Cosmic Happy Ass)
Based on her retail and metaphysical experience and her deranged sense of humor, she has created a line of… "Greeting Cards for the Spiritually Challenged". Ranging from the deeply affirmative to irresistably irreverently funny, Diane’s cards are proven best sellers and will bring deep laughter and tears to you - and your friends, loved ones and customers. See her work at
Belinda Dunn

Do you know your life purpose? Are you standing at a crossroads? Do you need insight into a key relationship? Is something holding you back from success and happiness, but you don’t know what it is? Astrology can answer these questions and much more. For over 35 years, Belinda has shared the ancient arts of astrology, natural health, energy medicine and yoga with thousands of people. As a teenager, Belinda experienced a spontaneous spiritual awakening that completely changed her life path, taking her from a conservative, traditional upbringing to the world of yoga. Moving to Asheville in 1989, Belinda and her husband published the first metaphysical newspaper in WNC. This gave her the opportunity to begin writing "What’s UP," her popular cosmic trends update, currently available as a free email newsletter. As mother of five, and grandmother to four, Belinda brings a wealth of life experience to your session. To this day, Belinda’s highly intuitive, accurate, down-to-earth and inspiring consultations are sent to clients around the globe. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, she is available in person and by phone.

828-215-2101 cell

888-215-8595 toll free

v Joan Medlicott is best known for her series of novels taking place in Western North Carolina…the first being The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love. Her latest novel, A Blue and Grey Christmas, is in bookstores now. This is a heartwarming story about three generations of women who find their way past old hurts and losses to understanding, forgiveness and love. One reviewer called the novel "superb". "It is high drama," she writes, "as it tells the story of these women’s lives."

Celia Miles

Journey to StennessCelia Miles

Celia Miles, Appalachian by birth and by choice, has published in a variety of genres (even in the true confessions market) and since retiring as a college English instructor, has written and/or edited nine books:sweet romances set locally and based on herbs and grist mills; Appalachian/historical fiction dealing with a childhood in the 1940s and a woman surviving the chaos of the mid-1800s; collections of short stories set in the south and abroad; anthologies (co-editor: poet Nancy Dillingham) of Western North Carolina women writing about Christmas and clothes. Her latest novel, set primarily in Orkney, shows a woman’s journey to learn about her husband’s past on the Scottish island where she learns less about him than about herself-Journey to Stenness.

Lavinia Plonka
Asheville Movement Center
Where Healing, Learning and Movement Meet

Director Lavinia Plonka is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, a nationally renowned somatic educator and author of What Are You Afraid Of? A Body/Mind Guide to Courageous Living. Her 35 years of experience in the movement arts informs the curriculum at Asheville Movement Center, where classes in Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Nia, as well as special workshops in related subjects are continuously offered. Lavinia also helps people in private sessions, addressing a range of challenges from stroke recovery and MS to artists wanting to improve creativity and performance. Visit or call 828-275-4838


Acupuncture Center Of Asheville
Chinese Herbalist
Acupuncturist Qi Gong Therapist

Philip Ricker is a graduate of The American College of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, NM and a Diplomat of the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Bei Jing, China and the Hei Long Jiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Harbin, China. Among his numerous teachers are the world renowned herbalist Dr. Huang Bing Shan and the internationally recognized expert on head trauma and spinal cord injuries, biomedical research engineer Dr. Y. King Liu. He received his Oriental Medical degree from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine where he studied with Drs. Michael and Nancy Zeng. He has been a long time student of the healing art known as Qi Gong. Ricker has studied extensively in China and the United States for the past 27 years and is currently a student of fifth generation Qi Gong master, Dr. T. K. Shih.

He has taught Qi Gong for the past 20 years and is a qualified Qi Gong therapist. He maintains a daily practice of Tai Qi Quan and Qi Gong. 

Phil Ricker is the second licensee in North Carolina. He is a past president of the Acupuncture Association of North Carolina and was a charter member of the North Carolina Acupuncture Licensing Board. He was a member of  the small group of acupuncturists who worked to gain the legal status of acupuncture in the state. He was first licensed in New Mexico in 1985. In his 25 years of practice he has performed over 50,000 acupuncture treatments on all types of people with almost every conceivable complaint of all ages from infants to centenarians. He has been the owner/director of The Acupuncture Center of Asheville for the last 22 years.

Please visit

Happy Body

Happy Body is dedicated to supporting people of all ages, abilities, and needs in finding their own happy, healthy, and pain-free bodies through movement, awareness, and ease.

We believe that when you move better, you feel better; and when you feel better, you live in a better, happier you! Reclaiming a happy body requires us to move and connect to our bodies. Through moving we can learn more about ourselves, find more peace within ourselves, and thus live happier lives.

At Happy Body, we want to put the “happy” back into movement and exercise. Where did it go? When did we start taking ourselves so seriously? Let’s enjoy and have a bit of fun while we move! Whether you’re 2 or 102, a newbie to exercise or a triathlete, have had a hip replacement or are cross training for a marathon…We are committed to helping you feel strong, healthy, and happy in your own body.

We are located in South Asheville at 1378 Hendersonville Rd., Suite E-2—the same center as Harris Teeter, Liberty Bikes, and Starbucks.


[email protected]

dr. jen

Cournoyer Chiropractic

Dr Jen became a chiropractor when she learned first hand that with "natural chiropractic adjustments you can live a happier, healthier life, honoring your body’s inborn intelligence and ability to heal itself."

Are you looking for friendly, attentive, individualized care specific to your needs and to achieve your goals whether that is getting out of pain, improving function, or striving for optimal health? Do you want to know the doctor made recommendations for your care based on a YOUR history and exam findings and not because it is recommended to everyone?

Do you want financially friendly plans that keep you and your family or loved ones in mind? That offers the care that each of you need and deserve? Do you want value and excellent chiropractic care?

If you answered yes to these questions then Cournoyer Chiropractic is the place for you.

We offer many ways to provide chiropractic care but specialize in light-force, specific adjustments, care for all ages beginning at birth, Webster technique for pregnant Mom’s, and extremity adjusting.

We believe that chiropractic care is instrumental in achieving a lifetime of health in a manner that is natural to our bodies and that is possible here at Cournoyer Chiropractic PC. For your free consultation or to get more information call Dr. Jen at 828-230-7253 or go to

For information on how to choose the chiropractor that’s right for you, visit

And, for your convenience, we are open Sunday, plus Monday, Wednesday & Friday.


Kelle Olwyler In 1999, Kelle Olwyler, President and Founder of Kel Bergan Consulting, an international management consulting company specializing in high performance technologies, noticed that smaller companies have little access to the training and tools that would make business work better for them.  She decided to do something about it.

In 2004, she began providing services to small businesses in the critical arena of strategic goal implementation, at friendly prices, and in 2008 Strategy Planning Partners was born.

Now, smaller businesses can access training and tools that will support them in making the best implementation decisions and actions with the most far-reaching impact.

Visit Kelle’s website at


Jane Falter
Your Corporate Escape Coach

Do you have a job that robs your spirit and has affected your confidence? Do you feel there’s something more, but don’t know what it is?

Jane Falter understands the toll working in a wrong environment can take on a person—she’s been there. Utilizing her human resources, training and coaching background, Jane developed a program that accelerates her client’s results.  She helps individuals recover from their prior experiences and create a career that maximizes their talents and doesn’t feel like a job.

To assist people looking for what’s next for them, Jane recently formed BIZyBoomers Career Club. Members receive job skill advice and rather than struggling alone-gain motivation, confidence and support from the group.  BIZyBoomers is part of a national network of career clubs with WaggleForce—a new initiative started by Good Morning America’s Workplace Contributor, Tory Johnson.  BIZyBoomers starts in January and runs for 10 weeks. 

For more information, send email to: [email protected]
Visit or and click on BIZyBoomers

Sacred Circle Creative Life Coaching
with Lisa J. Rough

I invite you to live a more authentic, awakened, and deliberate life… generate imaginings that reflect who you are the deepest level…  experience the joy and freedom of being in connection with self…  overcome resistance in a playful way… and expand your definition of creativity and recognize yourself as a creative being!

As your coach, I will encourage you to live with the notion that every moment is packed full of opportunities to squeeze magic out of the mundane. We use our sessions to create a new foundation for your life, one that embraces intention, invites visions, uncovers forgotten dreams, rewrites your stories, and honors and celebrates who you are.  Absolutely no artsy fartsy experience is necessary to awaken and use your creative power!  Our work together is not about learning to draw or become an artist… it’s about unleashing a sense of empowerment that allows you to create a beautiful landscape within your life…   purely from your heart.

Dare to live creatively from the inside out!

(828) 776-0060


Bill Scobie (coming soon)


Mili Dillard, MBA, Soul Collage Facilitator (left)

Susan Sihler, MSW, LCSW, Soul Collage Facilitator (right)

Susan Sihler and Mili Dillard
Susan Sihler and Mili Dillard are offering a series of day-long workshops to support the broad continuum of individual approaches to utilizing suits within your SoulCollage card deck.  Regardless of your experience with suits, we feel certain you will benefit from the experience in supportive community.  These day-long workshops can be experienced as a series or singularly.

All workshops are 9:30-4:30 at Servanthood House, 156 East Chestnut Street in Asheville.  CEU Certificates (6 hrs/session) provided upon request.  $95 for each individual workshop or $350 for the series.

For more information and to register for workshops, contact Susan Sihler, P. O. Box 18934, Asheville, NC 28814 – 828-777-2209, [email protected]

North Carolina School for Advanced Body Work

North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork -
A School of Clinical Massage Therapy.
Help People be pain-free - NCSAB will provide you with the most advanced Clinical Massage Therapy training in the country.You will learn how to manage and resolve significant pain, posture, movement and dysfunction issues for which many people have not yet found relief.

The NCSAB teaching staff has 60 years combined experience in the massage and bodywork profession both in practice and instruction.
Do you want to be on the leading edge of the massage therapy profession and be part of an elite group of bodywork professionals?

If so, my staff and I are extremely dedicated to providing you with highly advanced skills that will serve you well in becoming an integral part of the healthcare industry. For a lot of students their massage therapy education is, with no exaggeration, a life changing experience.

Maximum of 14 Students per Class for superior learning - We offer Day or Evening Classes with Full or Part time schedules.
Come Visit us today!
[email protected]


Peggy Millin

Want to dive into the creative well?
Need guidance on your writing project?
At a time of transition on life’s creative journey?
Participate in a writing class, workshop, and/or retreat to develop your writing voice, nurture your inner life, and transform your outer world. Author Valerie Leff calls the classes “juicy and rich, nurturing both the intellect and the spirit.”

Peggy Tabor Millin, MA
ClarityWorks, Inc.
"inspire your writing, enrich your life"
View our services and calendar at


Kelly Jones

Kelly S. Jones
offers two unique yet integrated services to assist individuals heal, balance and create a life they want and one they enjoy living.

With Feng Shui Kelly can read, interpret and correct the energetic imbalances of any space for the purpose of accelerating, altering or supporting your life experiences both personally and professionally.  She provides a comprehensive and custom analysis for existing spaces as well as those in any stage of development or renovation.  Services are available on-site, long-distance and now in the office!  Alternatively, you may enjoy her interactive Do-It-Yourself Feng Shui Workshops in her downtown Asheville office at 60 Biltmore Avenue.  These provide tremendous insight for homeowners, business owners, architects, realtors and interior designers alike.  Learn more about these services and Kelly at

Soul Readings work with a much larger part of you.  Hearing the voice of your soul allows you direct access and knowledge of the deeper aspects of who you are for the purpose of growth, transformation and insight.  It is like getting a direct download of wisdom from You to you.  A conscious and clear channel, Kelly assists you in having a direct experience of the energy and perspective of your pure Self.  All sessions are digitally recorded for your future listening and are available in person, on the phone and videoconference.  Learn more at 

Kelly S. Jones, LLC
60 Biltmore Avenue Asheville, NC  28801
O:  828-281-0888 C:  919-200-8686
[email protected]
[email protected]



At White Oak, we help our clients "live life on purpose."  Our clients want advisors who are trustworthy and knowledgeable in their decisions.  We practice values-based financial planning, an investment and planning concept that is not just about the numbers — it’s about helping you make smart financial decisions based on what’s important to you.

Our ideal clients?  Optimistic, happy people who care passionately about realizing their life goals, are receptive to professional relationships, and are willing to delegate investment management to us.

White Oak Financial Management, Inc.
1270 Hendersonville Rd., Suite 4
Asheville, North Carolina 28803

[email protected]
An SEC Registered Investment Advisor
SEC number:  801-68194    IARD/CRD number:  142615


Wildflower Studio

Wildflower Studio quickly went from daydream/fantasy to reality in late 2007 when owner Amanda Seta Lawton’s pregnancy test turned positive.  Working in a natural salon (free of ammonia and other harsh chemicals) suddenly became a necessity for her health, and the health of her developing baby.  No other salon in Asheville could offer her exactly what she was looking for: a relaxing, cozy space, filled with natural light and green growing plants, and a strong emphasis on environmentally and community-friendly practices.   

Wildflower Studio was hatched in early 2008!  In August 2009, Wildflower Studio welcomed Celene Deloach, and doubled in size to a two-woman operation. 

 We LOVE doing hair. We love spending our day creating hair styles customized to suit the needs of our unique clients.  We think Wildflower Studio offers a peaceful and uplifting environment for people to relax, be pampered, and feel great as their hair style reaches its maximum potential.  We feel great about offering top-notch services to our clients with minimal environmental impact, and know our clients feel good about it too! 

Wildflower Studio
348 Merrimon Avenue, Suite 7, Asheville.


Lorri Gifford

Are you curious about your love life,
career or current path in life?

Lorri Gifford has been reading Tarot Cards since 1986. At age twenty she was the youngest member invited into the Psychic Center of Rochester N.Y.  In 2000, she moved to the West Coast to continue her studies and become a Nationally Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. For over four years she worked at The Chopra Center for Well-being and served as their Spa Director and one of their Lead Educators.  In 2009 she was guided to move to Asheville, NC. The logical side of her wanted to argue but her intuitive side urged her to “trust”. She took a deep breath, left California and feels completely at home here in the mountains.

Along with reading Tarot cards, Lorri teaches meditation and workshops for developing and deepening one’s intuition.  She believes that continuing to work on her own path is essential to being a Spiritual Advisor and Certified Life Coach.

Visit or call 619-602-8981.

Heather Newton

Attorney Heather Newton provides small business advice to writers and other artists, and represents employees in employment law and disability insurance cases.  An author herself, her novel UNDER THE MERCY TREES is forthcoming from Harper Collins Publishers in the spring of 2011.  She is a past Chair of the N.C. Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Law Section, and has practiced law for 20 years in Asheville and Boston.

(828)254-7177, [email protected].


Asheville Senior Move Managers
Owner and manager, Jo Bell
[email protected]

Moving is stressful, even under the best of circumstances.  And when you’re downsizing at the same time, the job can seem overwhelming.  ASMM provides professional assistance to make your move or that of your loved ones a positive experience.

We offer the following services:

  • Sorting household items
  • Helping you recognize “must keeps” from “can goes”
  • Packing and unpacking to set up your new home
  • Making moving arrangements
  • Overseeing moving day
  • Housecleaning after the move

Jo Bell, a 30-year resident of Asheville, has a post-graduate degree in Gerontology from UNC-Asheville and experience as a Director of Social Work and Activities in long-term care.

James E Barr

James E. Barr

The accomplished solo Classical Guitarist James E Barr has been a professional musician since he was a teenager in New Jersey and Manhattan.  He played on many records, tv/radio commercials and film scores in NYC, and was a close collaborator with Luther Van Dross, the romantic soul singer, as well as a composer of many film scores, songs and jingles.  For the past five years of his permanent residency in Western North Carolina, James specializes playing for Weddings, Corporate Events, and Public & Private Affairs.  His three websites display his bio, services, repetoire, and references, as well as his recordings which can be played online or downloaded:,, and  His vast repertoire runs the gamut from Renaissance & Classical pieces, to Bach, Beatles, Broadway, Film, and Rock Classics. His unique style fills rooms, churches and venues as if he were group, and he has played at virtually every one of the dozens of venues within 4 hours of Asheville.  Cary Hoffman, Executive Producer of the TNT hit series “Men Of A Certain Age” has called him a ‘dazzling player….one of the great guitarists and musicians.”  Contact:  828-545-4286 or [email protected].


Moongate Institute for Personal Development
Scott Hines

When I was working with executives in international corporations the objective was to create leadership behaviors that provided an atmosphere of trust, partnership and creativity.  When things went well a participative productive culture developed and people were highly satisfied with their day-to-day work life. Of course that was rewarding, however the personal stories touched me more.  Like, “I have been angry with my aunt for years, and I called her last night and we cleared the air” and “I’m getting along a lot better with my son; you have helped me put things into perspective and I’ve been more patient with him.”  It is results like these that inspire me to do what I do.

"Scott’s approach is gentle, clear, and deeply intuitive, but also based in years of experiencecoaching people in rectifying their deepest issues.

I developed a process called Essent Praxis and I have learned to apply it wherever human beings meet life: primary partnerships, health and well being, family, finances, career and that catch all, personal development.  It’s structured and it is intuitive; it’s about personal identity, belief, values, patterns, behaviors, fears and desires.  It’s about human beings meeting life with all of their individual characteristics and qualities intact, recognized, honored and appreciated. Yet, getting different results than before where it is really important.  It’s about relationships and you have relationships with everything around you.

"He illuminated points directly, with humor when appropriate, and without ever makingme feel wrong or bad, he assisted me inshifting my position and in understandingdeeper truths about myself."

Your life is too important to evaluate Moongate Institute on the basis of a few written words, so explore my website, email me or give me a call.  Let’s see what’s possible for you.

             email:[email protected]              919.602.1957

4 seasons

Asheville 4 Seasons Realty
Susan Lodato & Suzanne Smith

Asheville 4 Seasons Realty is a full-service value-added real estate firm, serving all of the Asheville-Hendersonville market. Our clients and customers have come to appreciate our patient, knowledgeable service and our "can do" attitude. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a move-up buyer, a local seller, or an investor, we welcome the opportunity to add you to our growing list of satisfied clients and customers. Stop by our West Asheville office for a cup of locally roasted coffee.

828-225-6911; 877-303-6911
2 Sulphur Springs Rd, Asheville

Leslee Thornton
Thornton Realty

Whether its helping buyers find that perfect retreat type property or helping sellers find a buyer for Uncle Clem’s farm, Thornton Realty is there to provide friendly, confidential and uncompromised service.

Leslee Thornton is the owner of Thornton Realty, which has been in business for nearly a decade in the greater Asheville area. She has a long list of successfully brokered land transactions and saatisfied clients.  Please check out her website at for more information.

[email protected]  828-230-5734  



My decision to become a real estate broker came from a dream… what could be better than to match people with their idea of the perfect property? I enjoy being with people and helping them make their dreams come true.  I am the owner and creator of Southern Life Realty and I look forward to working with folks wanting to buy or sell homes, land, farms and commercial real estate. Feel free to call me or email me personally, or call the office for one of our agents, Ben or Jane.

828-680-1048 office   828-273-9755 cell

[email protected]


Handwoven Webs
Julie Parker

Julie Parker is one of the two founders of WNC WOMAN. The magazine is an outgrowth of her web design business, Handwoven Webs, and her love of working with words and pictures. Her websites, known for their ‘elegant simplicity’, are created with the hand of a writer, the eye of an artist, and the soul of a poet… 828-225-6993;