One of our advertisers, Sandy Eha, a local rolfer, died suddenly and unexpectedly in May. Following is a memorial to her and discussion of issues that her death raise for any of us.

Thanks to Roberta Binder.

Sandra (Sandy) Eha, August 24, 1962 – May 10, 2011. At the Asheville Area Wholistic and Integrative Professional gatherings, Sandy would introduce herself with her Rolfing skills and state that she had seen “some in the group in their underwear,” those who qualified as part of that group would raise our hands and applaud! The same was true at the AshevilleBusiness Connections. Sandy’s Rolfing was superb. With the other professional hat she wore as a Realtor, she was likewise respected.

Sandy was born in Ohio and arrived in the Asheville area in 1998. Once here she carried on a thriving Real Estate business and was known as an excellent Rolfer. (My last visit to Sandy, just a few days before she died, included helping her get a shower. As we were walking into the bathroom, she put one hand on my chest, the other on my spine with the other to indicate that my posture was not proper. Sandy was beyond verbal communication by this time, but not without the strength and ability to communicate through action!)

It came together quickly in a short month from the time Sandy was taken to the hospital by her close friend Jeannie Dunn till she died of a malignant giloma brain tumor (Glioblastoma). During her final days she was transferred to Elizabeth House Hospice Care. Friends surrounded her with love and great food. Jeannie was the local contact for the hospice; she and Rocco were able to be by Sandy’s side as she journeyed from life on earth to the great unknown journey of the beyond.

Sandy was a single woman, she wasn’t planning on death, and that is the Legacy she leaves for all of us:

  • Make a Will, no matter how simple, and keep it updated as life changes.
  • Name someone locally if you don’t have family nearby to act on your behalf as Medical Power of Attorney to make decisions on your behalf in an emergency.
  • Whether married or single, we need to have our final wishes in order; contact Mission Hospital and make your Five Wishes known; they will follow you for the rest of your life journey.
  • ICE your cell phone, and your home phone for that matter.
  • Have a copy of your medical history easily accessible; this could be critical in an emergency health situation.
  • And keep you Passwords handy for that person who has Medical Power of Attorney can access your computer – where we all keep so much information today.

If you would like to remember Sandy through a charitable gift, she left the request to support the Animal Shelter of your choice. Additionally, Elizabeth House in Flat Rock took tender loving care of Sandy in her final days.

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