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"A sphere is made up of not one, but an infinite number of circles; women have diverse gifts, and to say that
women's sphere is the family circle is a mathematical absurdity."

Maria Mitchell 1818-1889
First Woman Astronomer in the United States and the First Woman
member of the American Academy of Arts and Science, Hall of Fame.



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May 2011



4 Emily Wilson

6 Getting a Second Chance
Lynda Bock

10 Anatomy of a Dream
Lisa Rough

12 Women Warriors of the Civil War: Doctor Mary
Arlene Winkler

24 Horse Dreams
Carol Marks

28 Designing Woman: Lou Stewart’s Vision
Lavinia Plonka

34 For the Birds
Kris Macleod

37 Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread: ABCCM Food Ministry
Lorri Gifford

40 Container Herb and Vegetable Gardens
Nancy Odell

42 Nyda Bittmann-Neville:
A Woman Who HIts the Ground Running
Mandy Wildman

44 Mo Abreau, Chef in Motion
Kathy Godfrey

46 Take a Dive—Your Dreams Are Possible
Jessica Wall

48 Dreaming into Manifestation... enjoying the journeys of Valerie Naiman
Roberta Binder



16 Cosmicomedy
Lavinia Plonka

Common Sense Approaches to Health
18 Strategies for Minimizing Radiation Damage
Maureen McDonnell

What’s Next?
26 Meet Ann Bass
Jane Falter

Minding Your Own Business
30 A Practical Guide to Realizing Your Financial Dreams
Jill Franklin

Words By Women
5 Death of a Reverie: poem
Kirsten Shope

9 Dappled Light: poem
Terri Lu

13 Secret Lodges: poem
Tracey Schmidt

33 You Will Remember Me: poem
Genevieve Fitzgerald

52 Quiet the Dead by Morgan James—review:
Mary Ickes

Women Making Music
54 The Voices of Jacqui Fehl
Peggy Ratusz

56 The Last Word


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