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"A sphere is made up of not one, but an infinite number of circles; women have diverse gifts, and to say that
women's sphere is the family circle is a mathematical absurdity."

Maria Mitchell 1818-1889
First Woman Astronomer in the United States and the First Woman
member of the American Academy of Arts and Science, Hall of Fame.


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february 2011


The Power of Relationships

7 kodak moment
by charlotte wolf

8 procreation meets really gross grits

by k.s. Crawford

12 love, the purr-fect kind
by lorri Gifford

14 cold comfort for change
by terra motina

15 widowing: a poem
by pat harvey

21 the absurdity of february: a poem
by anne maren-hogan

22 perry mason to peru: part 2
by kelle olwyler

25 visiting the white pine: a poem
by carol diamond

26 relationships and money
by jill franklin

36 collaborative relationships
by gaya (aka gayatri) erlandson

41 seasoned dreams: a poem
by suzy lawrence

42 on the way home
by jennifer clementine

44 it’s like cliff walking
by barbara edlen

45 you come listening: a poem
by martha o. adams

46 real faux pays it forward… with love
by roberta binder

48 happily ever after…
by myra hinton

50 healing your relationship with your money
by reeta bochner wolfsohn



2 letters to the editor

Meet Our Advertisers: This Month
4 yol swan and vishnu das of Blue Lotus Ayurveda

Women Making Music Series
by peggy ratusz This Month:
spotlight on Sheila Carlisle

10 funny, isn’t it?
by jeanne charters

16 cosmicomedy
by lavinia plonka

Common Sense Approaches to Health
by maureen mcDonnell This Month:
18 are there safer ways to vaccinate?

Words by Women: book reviews
by mary ickes This Month:
32 Mountain Magnolias by Becky Alghary

The Y-chromosome: Men we like
john lentini: an ambivalent artist in an indifferent world
by kathy godfrey

Hire This Gal... GUY
by jane falterThis Month:
34 meet j. knight

Women Through the Ages
by marlisa millsThis Month:
52 Shayla—a love story

56 the last word

by sandi tomlin-sutker



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