Allison Larsson

With awareness comes choice. Are you ready to choose happiness?
Many of us struggle to find real joy and fulfillment. Partly because we aren’t aware of what we truly need. And partly because we hold ourselves back with the “stories” we tell ourselves.
When we coach together you will become deeply self-aware. Once you begin to recognize your negative thoughts and patterns, you will realize you can choose to think, behave and show up in a different way. I will support you through this transformative process as you make necessary changes and create a better, more fulfilling life.
Coaching Focus Areas:
1. Disease of Perfectionism
2. Balancing Your Life While Getting Your Own Needs Met
3. Confidence & Self-Worth
4. Change
5. Career
6. Connection
7. Consciousness
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Allison is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and graduate of Coaching for Transformation, accredited through the International Coaching Federation.


Sunny Kruger

“WHAT PART OF YOU IS HUNGRY?” is the question that will redefine the meaning of hunger and food in your life. Your deepest hungers and emptiest places do not solely reside in your body. Some or all parts of you are clamoring to be fed all the time. Achieve and maintain your healthiest weight by making a compassionate shift in how you feed every aspect of yourself – body, mind and spirit. Learn how to break the old connection of feeding your body at hunger’s first stirring by giving your hunger an opportunity to name its own food. Visit

Sunny Kruger at 828-808-0850
1944 Hendersonville Rd., Asheville