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"A sphere is made up of not one, but an infinite number of circles; women have diverse gifts, and to say that women's sphere is the family circle is a mathematical absurdity."

Maria Mitchell 1818-1889
First Woman Astronomer in the United States and the First Woman member of the American Academy of Arts and Science, Hall of Fame.


The mothers of this invention—WNC Womancall all women of Western North Carolina to join us in finding our voices and sharing our wisdom in this publication.

We are dedicated to giving voice to the lives of women in Western North Carolina by sharing stories and insights as a way of honoring, exploring and expanding one another in both our personal and professional lives. We will weave a web of women expressing their personal power, joy, and wisdom. We extend the voices of many who are courageously exploring and sharing their realities for the highest good of all.

Let us celebrate our differences. We are not one monolithic group: we are natives and newbies, wealthy and worried about paying the rent. Some of us are in relationship (traditional or otherwise); others are happily (or not so happily) alone. We are "Maidens, Mothers, Crones" . . . and everything in between. Some of us have our acts together, and some of us are barely hanging on. Each of us is a pilgrim on her own journey with her own internal compass, her own map of the territory, her own mileposts and destination.

Let us shine a light on women who are overcoming obstacles. Sometimes our lives seem like one long obstacle course. Throughout Western North Carolina, we are leaping over obstacles of our own making, pole vaulting over limitations imposed by family or society. We are in the process of transforming our lives. Each unfolding, even each small step forward, gives us all courage and inspiration to do the same. Some of us are dealing with rising out of poverty or struggling with substance abuse. All of us struggle with our own self-imposed limitations. Let us find the courage to know that we are the authors of our own lives.Let us celebrate our victories together. Small victories or large ones—all are worthy of a "You go, girl!"

Let us learn together about power. Starting with personal power, let's explore how to uncover it, to acknowledge it, and to use it for the highest good.

Let us learn together about love. Starting with loving ourselves, let's explore how caring for and nurturing ourselves is a prerequisite for caring for our families and our planet.

Let us weave together a rich tapestry of our experience, our courage, and our love for the benefit of ourselves and all of our sisters in these mountains.

Let us share our growth toward wholeness and well-being.

Can we do this? Can we come together in print and in cyberspace to create a community of women who are coming into their power and the fullness of their love for themselves, for others, for the Earth and the creatures who share it with us? Can we use the compost of our own "mistakes", our own grief and sorrow, to create the fertile soil for our own growth? Let's see!

Julie Savage Parker
Publisher, Editor

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Publisher, Associate Editor

Our mission and vision statements




write your heart out
by peggy tabor millin

give me a biscuit and skip the cream cheese
by celia h. miles

from the nature of paradox:
paradoxical thinking
kelle olwyler

raising OUR VOICE:
the most important thing we're NOT talking about

by jane b.carter

honoring your belly: meeting place of body and soul
by lisa sarasohn


anne bevan:
from the artist's notebook

women minding their own business

it's all in the planning
by sandi tomlin-sutker

simplify your finances
by dawn j. starks cfp

the nature of paradox
by kelle olwyler

from women weaving webs:
choosing your domain name
by julie savage parker

personal growth

part one: mary benson house
from our series: women in recovery

by sandi tomlin-sutker

earth mother, earth daughter

from wnc woman outdoors:
life is short-
make time for adventure

by danny bernstein

whitewater goddessess
by lila m. thomas

from women who run with the wheelbarrows:
the potager way
by victoria maddux


from practical spirituality:
love yourself
by annaleah atkinson

rites of passage:
one woman's journey

by barbara lange

words by women

circle of wisdom and joy
book reviews by byron ballard

by linda m. young

increasing your word power
by maria fire

stones and circles
by celia h. miles

rage, sadness and ease
by davida sara

taking ourselves lightly

snake in the class
by laurey masterton

funny, isn't it?
by jeanne charters

the first word
by julie parker

the last word
by sandi tomlin-sutker







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