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“When we opened our new downtown location, we knew from experience that WNC WOMAN was one of the best ways to reach our clients – namely, intelligent art-smart women and men. We have the best customers in town – they MUST read WNC WOMAN!” John and Pat Horrocks, Blackbird Frame and Art.

“Since what we’re advertising is the Girls Nite Out, we quickly ruled out advertising in hunting magazines etc. (not that women wouldn’t make fine hunters.) Our advertisement in Western North Carolina Woman has proven quite effective. WNC WOMAN reaches Buncombe County west to the Tennessee line and north to the Boone area [and east to Winston-Salem and south to Tryon] and through the Internet, the world. We’re quite pleased with the response we receive through WNC WOMAN and ours is not a large ad. We also enjoy reading WNC WOMAN.” Casey DuPree, Anne Rhymer and Preston Tinsley of Girls’ Nite Out.

“We place ads to be seen. So imagine my joy when I hear, over and over, ‘I see your ads all the time in WNC Woman.’ Bingo! Mission Accomplished!!” Cheri Britton, Boom Thinking

“We just got another call from our ad in WNC WOMAN! We love the magazine, and you guys.” Priestley Cummings Ford and Laura McCue, White Oak Financial.

“Repetition is an important key to learning, for folks to see my Silver Spirits Photography ad many times over, during the span of many editions, has been very effective in creating a “brand” recognition in their minds. It is a customer’s nature to think over decisions before actually committing to a purchase. Having a continuing reminder in the form of a well-crafted print ad has been invaluable in drawing clients to me, but it does take time and repeated print ad exposure. I have been very happy with the increased business that has resulted from continuous advertising in WNC WOMAN.” Max Poppers, Silver Spirits Photography

“I just got a new client who told me she had cut out the ad and carried it around for six months before she called me. And she’s exactly what I’m looking for in a client.” Heidi Stewart, Attorney

“I got another new client today (creativity consulting) and she originally came from a WNC WOMAN ad which resulted in a Prasad CD set sale, which resulted a year later in today’s work together. I better renew my ad with you all!” Debra Roberts, Heron Productions

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