Words From the Editor

January 2018

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker

Through a series of errors we mistakenly attributed the Liz Ridley profile in December 2017 to the wrong author!  It was actually written by Aile Shebar; we apologize profusely to her!!

Every January for several years we have published an issue about Women Minding Their Own Business!  And What Isn’t a woman’s business?  This issue has an engaging section of profiles of impressive women and their businesses… check them out to learn a bit more about them!

And, given the recent news about sexual harassment, Meridith Elliott Powell’s column about Women in the Workplace is timely and offers strategies to assist women to navigate these often muddy waters.

When I think about women in business, women entrepreneurs, an important aspect is about work/life balance and we have several articles that either address that issue head-on, or offer a somewhat humorous look at the challenges,  as in this month’s Real Family column by Tricia Vogle.

Jen Aly writes about an upcoming workshop called Your Best Year Yet.  How to achieve it is the question!  Part of that journey is to find our purpose and work from that in all our decisions.  Terra Cristoff leads us through that process.

Then Murphy Capps from Kudzu Brands offers a powerful approach to our work:  do what you love, love what you do!  Sounds simple but so often we are too fearful that what we love isn’t compatible with making money.  Can we be successful doing what we truly love… read what Murphy has to say from her own experience.

Diane Sparks works with several women through MountainBizWorks in Asheville and her article presents short bios of these women and their journey toward being successful business women.

Pam Robbins gives us simple and fun instructions for creating our own Vision Board… hers is for visioning the second half of life, but is equally useful at any stage.

Our main profile this month features the “Buchi Mamas” of Buchi Kombucha.  You’ve likely seen it in local stores and sampled it for a delicious alternative drink.  Their story is an inspiring view of entrepreneurial women going from  a small-scale, home-based product to a successful, large-scale business.  You’ll be intrigued, I think, by the challenges they have faced and with how they worked through them!

Speaking of doing what we love: check out page 35 to learn more about the Watercookies Project:  how one woman’s trip to a native village in Alaska opened her eyes to the vital need for clean water, and a way to educate children about that.

As always, many of our regular columnists look at this month’s theme in their specific topic.  In Cosmicomedy, Lavinia entertains us with her inimitable perspective on the reality of money.

Dawn Starks takes a more serious view and advises us to keep our personal money separate from our business money in order to really understand our finances.

While we are working on Minding Our Own Businesses, life goes on and this month there are many articles to support you in those tasks.  Food For Thought offers some delicious, healthy and easy recipes with eggs; Common Sense Health has a wealth of ways to Get Healthy BEFORE Getting Pregnant; Home Space suggests a number of things we can do to create a more nurturing and comfortable living space. 

As always we round things out with some book reviews, two profiles of brewing women and suggestions for supporting our pets’ health.  Enjoy and tell us what you think!

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker