“The Watercookies Project” was developed to create interest and action.

The Watercookies Project
In 2010 I flew to Alaska to visit my daughter and her family. Little was I to know that trip would ignite a passion and change the direction of my life.

Location : The Tunt “ landscape of many caribou” — 8degrees Fahrenheit
Population : 408 Yup”ik Alaskan Natives” —Genuine people.

The children in the classroom where my daughter taught middle school were smart & curious. As the tribes welcomed me into their homes and church for the next few days, sharing customs and foods from their waters, I couldn’t help notice many teens suffered poor dental care.

I later learned that several areas of Alaska are subsidized with food from government agencies. One in particular: the bottled soda industry. Supplying bottled water and yes, sugared water to the residents. The sodas provided nourishment, but also provided gum disease. The choice the mothers made when they were pregnant was transferred to their unborn child and gum disease became the norm.

I wanted to help educate our families about the value of choices and the choice to choose water for better health.

Our outreach activities motivate youngsters to care about protecting the water in their neighborhoods.

Our scholarships assist young adults to pursue college and careers in environmental sciences The Watercookies Project is a Federal 501C-3.

Upcoming Outreach Events
SPRING, 2018. We invite all schools to “Walk for Clean Water.” A fun way to build scholarship funds and compete for prizes. Key clubs and all other community service clubs are encouraged to solicit pledges.

FALL, 2018. “No Water, No Beer. No Water, No Wine. No Water, No Life” We invite all breweries, restaurants, and pubs to select their day/night to share our Watercookies story. Earmarking a percentage of beverage sales during their campaign day for the Watercookies Foundation will support our project and help us exceed our scholarship goals. Our combined goal for these events is to raise $20,000.

Written by WNC Woman