New Year Resolutions
For You and your Home

My October 2017 article reflected on your home as an extension of yourself, so why not include it in your New Year’s Resolutions? Make the most of your winter experience with ideas that will make your home feel embracing, and may well actually stick throughout the year!

Going, going, gone!
Holiday presents often replace items that now become clutter, like unused clothes, toys, or gadgets. Get those things to people who would appreciate them. I went to a Clothes Swap and everyone left with things they loved and got rid of items they didn’t. You can also have a party at home or work by swapping out gifts you didn’t like. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

While the holidays are a time when people reflect on the needs of others, that generosity of spirit can continue. Donate your children’s gently used clothes to organizations such as Thompson’s Child and Family Focus, which can make a lasting impact on the recipients’ lives. Jennifer Stout, of the Foster Care Division, notes that they never have enough clothes for their teen clients. Call her at 828-447-5720 for details on how to make a huge difference.

I bet that many of your holiday decorations never saw the light of day, as well as your gift wrap. While you are putting up what you used, get rid of the things you didn’t. You probably won’t use them next year either.

If you get serious about purging, cleaning out your garage or attic and organizing your kitchen drawers and pantry can boost your feeling of calmness and make everything easy to locate.

Have a “junk room” that is rarely used? Why not take the time to re-imagine what that space can be? Visualize using it in a way that feels inviting and then go for it.

Make it cozy
Winter is the perfect time for creating an inviting, snuggly ambiance. Adding accessories using soft, winter fabrics with throws and pillows can make you never want to get off the couch. It doesn’t hurt that they’re on sale. Make sure that games are easily accessible for last minute merriment.

Remodeling or additions
If you are considering remodeling or adding spaces, whether inside or out, this is the perfect time to begin the journey. Check out online sites that give you an idea of what you might like. Start compiling a list of the things that are essential, a nice add-on, or things that you can take or leave.

If you are planning on using an architect or designer, get to know how they work. You will have the luxury of time to interview them, check references, and see if you are a fit since you will be “married” to them for a while.

If you know what you want, General Contractors (GC) and others in the building trades are generally slow in the winter. Again, do your research to make sure your builder will stand behind their work to your satisfaction. Once you have chosen a GC, find out more about the subcontractors they use and how the process flows. Being on the front end will give you the ability to set the timeline on your terms before their calendars get booked for the spring and summer.

Start researching what type of materials you want to use. There are so many choices on every level, especially with flooring and counter tops. Prices can vary widely and some materials might not function the way you want them to. Cold weather is the perfect season to take the time to research and check out the physical samples locally, or order them online.

Don’t forget about the outside
By now the leaves have fallen but your gutters are probably stuffed. Cleaning them out is one of the most cost-effective ways to preserve the integrity of the foundation of your home. You can even start a compost pile for the warmer months, which will be here in the blink of an eye.

Like to garden? Mentally, start playing in the dirt. If you are a DIY gardener, order seeds and get them ready. If you’re considering a landscaping makeover, start interviewing and working with landscape architects or companies to come up with designs and materials while they have plenty of time on their hands to formalize the budget and timing. Then when spring comes, you’ll be the first, rather than the last, on their list.

Take this inside time to prepare for warm weather projects, take on some on your own, and feel the true joy that only winter snuggles bring.

Peggy Crowe is a Broker/ REALTOR® with Coldwell Banker King who wants you to enjoy a blissful, cozy winter. You may contact her on Facebook at Peggy Crowe Realtor.
Email or call 828-318-4423.

Peggy Crowe
Written by Peggy Crowe