Meet a WNC Woman

There are so many fascinating, dynamic, creative women in western North Carolina and we want you to meet them! Every month we will ask four women one question that relates to that month’s theme and print their responses along with a photo and their name… and what they “do” whether business, social service or taking care of kids or elderly parents.

This month’s question:

What are the most rewarding and most challenging aspects of being an entrepreneur?

Heidi Swann – Owner / aSHEville Museum
The meaningful connections with so many other involved and committed members of this community have been very rewarding.  Also, supporting the works of more than 100 local artists, as well as Fair Trade artisans from throughout the world has been really gratifying. The biggest challenge is keeping close tabs on cash flow and keeping budgets within range. The levels of both creativity and organization required to run an enterprise this large keeps our staff busy!! Having a team that can manage challenges and that work well together has been a tremendous blessing. Most of the time we have fun and feel that we are having a positive impact.

Kimberly Hunter – President / Prolific Consulting LLC
The main rewards of being an entrepreneur is the ability to operate with the understanding that everything at every moment is in flux (or temporary). I think that understanding is a double edged sword.  It can either keep you alert, honest and ahead of the market or reactive, tired, and deaf to market shifts.

Jill DelSordi – Designer / Rove & Feast
In brand and website design, it’s rewarding to work with my clients’ creative vision. Since each person follows a different process and their needs are unique, the intuition for reading people’s emotional intelligence is essential. It’s a talent I enjoy fine-tuning through new experiences working towards innovative solutions. My largest challenge is to continually reinvent myself and my business to strive alongside ever-changing technological advancements, economy, and audience. The challenges become the rewards in realizing I can surpass my own goals in sustainable business. Feeling confident I can trust my abilities, through all challenges, is the true gift.

SUZANNE AMELUNG – Owner / Elemental Creations Inc.
To be able to choose the clients and projects that most inspire me—it’s the guiding reason I started  Elemental Creations, nine years ago. When I was starting out, the biggest challenge was getting established. When bills were piling up and I didn’t know if the next client would come on board. It was a scary time, but luckily I got through it. I feel truly blessed that my business has grown so much, especially these past three years; my biggest challenge now is finding the right people with the specific skill set I need to meet the demands for Elemental’s workload.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker