Live Your Most Purposeful Life

If you’re a woman business owner who cares about living a balanced, fulfilling, and impactful life, then it’s vital that you know and fully live your purpose. There’s actually nothing more important you can do for your success and contentment in 2018.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some of the most compelling statistics on why knowing your purpose truly matters.

When you know your purpose…

• It’s correlated with higher income and net worth (Carelton, Cornell, West Virginia, Northwestern, 2016)
• You’re 50% more likely to be a leader (Imperative / NYU, 2015)
• You’ll experience 64% higher level of career fulfillment (Imperative / NYU, 2015)
• It quadruples the likelihood of being engaged at work (Gallup/Healthways, 2013)
• You’re 50% more likely to have meaningful relationships at work (Imperative / NYU, 2015)

I know the cost of NOT living in alignment with my purpose. There was a time when I was on a career path to becoming a psychologist. Yet I felt drained and struggled to get out of bed every morning as I struggled with depression. Ultimately, this led me down a path filled with learnings about how to shift into my purpose work and help others do so. It’s often in our dark night of the soul that we discover what our calling is, or shift our lives in ways to move towards the compass of our destiny.
As entrepreneurial women, we have the gift of being able to weave our purpose into our business in extraordinary ways. As we evolve, our purpose often evolves too, and so it’s vital to continually engage in purpose-inquiry work.

Here are 4 tips to help you grow your business purposefully in 2018:

Clarify your purpose: January is an ideal time to reflect on your unique purpose so you can set yourself up for a year aligned with what matters most to you. You likely have experienced life lessons that have informed who you are today, which might be quite different than who you were even a year ago. Use these questions to clarify and update your purpose now: What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome in your life? If your business were a revolution, what is the purpose of the movement you desire to lead? What events in the world move you to anger or tears? When you reflect on the seed of what inspired you to start your business, what was the purpose at the heart of it?

Focus on the heart of what really matters: Each moment as an entrepreneur, you’re making decisions that are crucial for your personal and business well-being. The more crystal clarity you have about your purpose, the more quickly you can make decisions aligned with your values. The impact? More happiness, profit, and peace of mind. The reverse is also true. You’ll need to start saying no to that which is not aligned with your purpose. This is not always easy for women, but it’s essential for truly living on purpose. Purpose has a ripple impact, so when you keep your purpose close to your heart, you show up as a powerful leader for your business.

Put your purpose at the forefront of your marketing. So many women entrepreneurs struggle with being visible and consistent with their marketing. There’s something that can feel out of alignment or “too salesy” when we move away from our purpose with our message. Sometimes it’s easier to hide. And yet, often it’s our deepest purpose that actually inspires our clients to say yes to working with us because we are coming from a place of speaking our truth and inspiration. I’d invite you to take five minutes and answer this prompt repeatedly: “The purpose of my work is to….” Once the five minutes are up (you might want to set a timer), take a look over what you wrote and see if any inspiration is there for your website copy, your next newsletter article, or how you can share more authentically at your next networking event.

Align your values and expand your purpose. When you are clear on your purpose, you naturally find ways to expand it in the world. For example, I support an organization called TreeSisters, a network of women planting over one million trees a year. Why? Because both my clients and I value sustainability, feminine wisdom, and empowering women. Women are here to positively impact the world and your business is an incredible way to shape the world you want to live in. Is there a cause that speaks to your heart? An organization that deeply matters to you? Cause-based marketing can help you collaborate with organizations that are aligned with your purpose. Some other benefits of cause-based marketing include: more customers, an enhanced brand image, and connecting to new audiences. And research shows that customers are highly likely to buy products and services from businesses that support good causes over those that don’t. So you can live your purpose AND support the planet!

I invite you to take some time to reflect or journal on the questions posed above, and from that place of inspiration, ask yourself: If you could create anything you want in your business and life in the next 12 months, what would it be?

Terra Christoff, Ph.D. is a business coach who helps women entrepreneurs embody their soul’s purpose so they can live their full potential, feeling confident, passionate, and aligned in their business, able to have a bigger impact and truly live their ​calling.​ Terra also is a certified Best Year Yet facilitator and leads individuals, groups, and organizational teams through a proven process to create their best year by focusing on what truly matters to them.

Terra Christoff
Written by Terra Christoff