Finding the Time

Sometimes I am too independent, a DIY (Do It Yourself) type of person. But that isn’t always the best. I move fast, talk fast, walk fast, (my kids and I do not mix well when grocery shopping) – I like to get things done! I know I should ask for help more often. I sit at my computer, on the couch, or at the kitchen table, and ponder upon my life, my family, my fledgling business, and all the responsibilities that go along with it. And a wise scripture verse comes to mind:

“And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order.”

Hmmm, I don’t think I did things in order when designing my business. I still need to complete a business plan, get a decent social media strategy going, and plan the budget for marketing! Am I doing things wisely or diligently? Well, I’m trying.

The fleeting 24 hours in my day is used up by one hour getting ready for the day, kids sent off to school, then three hours with kids after school and making dinner (most days). That leaves about seven hours. That sounds so good, but it isn’t free time. I clean the house, still do dishes by hand (ughh), take care of bills/finances, doctor appointments, etc., plus grocery shopping, helping a friend or two, volunteering at church, then about five hours daily for my ‘evening job’ then back home for six-seven hours of sleep (maybe one-two hours, lying there wishing for sleep). Somehow, eight hours sleep, eight hours of work, eight hours of play doesn’t seem to apply.   

That seven hours previously mentioned to work on my business dwindles down to three-four hours at most! For the past couple of months, it’s my second business, an expansion on my first one. During a regular day, after completing errands and tasks, I am back to work and then there’s a computer issue! BREATHE… in and out… whew. I am thankful for my husband and his computer skills! That’s one less headache and service I’d have to pay for. Then, back at it again, continuing my tasks, researching, planning my budget, and other strategies.

This might be where I am ‘running faster than I have strength for.’ Don’t agree too quickly now. “… be diligent… all things must be done in order.” Why can’t I get these words of wisdom through my mind/heart? I have read this verse most of my life and the last two years it has become more poignant, or rather, ‘in my face’ to follow this counsel!

I really appreciate that Asheville/ WNC area has great resources for entrepreneurs – maybe because it’s a mecca for holistic and alternative wellness services. With all the beautiful natural surroundings, many are drawn to this area and provide special services and skills. Oh, Asheville, you’ve got an eclectic, sometimes weird yet creative crowd of people. It’s inspiring to see men and women work toward being successful, especially when faced with discouragement from their friends or family or spouses.

I started looking around for support and found a few entrepreneurial MeetUp groups, which have been great networking and learning experiences. There are so many resources; my eyes bounce in all directions! One of the places I recently got involved is AB Tech’s Small Business program, with classes/seminars, day or night—which are excellent—and mentors. There’s also Carolina Business Center with classes and support, and Score with business seminars and counselors that hosts a Women’s Roundtable. I attended the Western Women’s Business conference, which was fun with breakout sessions and speakers sharing knowledge. I wish I had time to take advantage of more opportunities. There is also Mountain Bizworks, Femfessionals, etc. and perhaps your local church has support and resources. Many options are available, just Google, make a list, and stay on the path, focused on what your needs are.

I‘ve learned that we as individuals are full of potential. Therefore, shouldn’t I be able to go for it, to follow my passion, my dreams? I have gifts and talents and don’t want them to stay hidden. And hey, I‘m worth it! So why not become successful and profitable with my skills? Sometimes it’s hard to believe in myself and I know many women with similar thinking. It takes a lot of support and faith! I prayed for guidance and about two years ago, woke up with my idea for facilitating mind, body, spirit (wellness) retreats at a beautiful lodge I used to work at: Earthshine Discovery Center. Many third and fourth graders have probably heard of it. I began designing my retreats, searching for support, and over this summer developed a new teambuilding service and have now made that into a new business/website. Can’t keep me down!

Okay, yes,

I do need to be reminded, and my husband does, that I should slow down, de-stress, and perhaps just stop. My sister told me the other day not to think of anything next. Just go take a nice bath! She had to tell me twice. I did, with Epsom salts and lavender and tangerine essential oil. Oohh, that was a good idea, maybe even a little rejuvenating, because I’m back at it again, with an idea/project for wellness retreats for kids with ADHD and their parents. I love brainstorming! I’ll do my best to remember not to ‘run faster than he (she) has strength…’ and ‘it is expedient that he (she) should be diligent, that thereby he (she) might win the prize’. Otherwise, I might trip over all the things spilling out of me.

Tricia Fogle is a ‘momprenuer’ who facilitates teambuilding events and is the owner of and  She lives in Asheville. As a wife and mother of two kids, she is always researching and learning about health and wellness and can be contacted through her websites or

Written by Tricia Fogle