Alternative To Acid Blocking Medicines

Why are so many people today on acid blocking medicines?

These medicines are supposed to only be used for about eight weeks, but most people are on them forever. Recent evidence has shown that long-term use can lead to deficiencies of key nutrients that are dependent on stomach acid for absorption: Vitamin B12; iron; calcium; magnesium; folic acid; and zinc. Also, it has been shown that the risk of developing pneumonia increases by 89% because the lack of acid allows bacterial overgrowth. Another problem may be lack of calcium that can lead to osteoporosis. B12 deficiency is associated with things like numbness, memory problems, depression, confusion, and even burning mouth.

S0, what’s one to do? We think there may be a better alternative. Dr. Craig Zalvan, MD, FACS noted that a number of his patients did not get relief from acid blocking medicines; according to an article published in JAMA Otolaryngology, Dr. Zalvan said that they found that a Mediterranean diet and alkaline water worked better than acid blockers. This makes a lot of sense to us because the Mediterranean diet is plant based: the stomach secretes acid in response to eating proteins in order to digest the protein; and drinking alkaline water (with PH8 or greater) helps keep the excess acid down… so its worth a try. Our question, which we are working on, is how to alkalize your water.

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Bill and Mike.

Mike Rogers & Bill Cheek
Written by Mike Rogers & Bill Cheek