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As I begin writing this article, it’s a balmy 70 degrees in the mountains of North Carolina. And it’s early in the morning. I, like many others, am anxiously awaiting chilly temperatures. I’ve already packed away my summer dresses. It is autumn, after all. I want to curl up in my comfy rocker with a cup of tea, a ball of yarn, and a crochet hook
I’ve always felt that wearing winter clothing is a sweet perk of enduring through cold, blustery days. The fabrics are soft and snuggly; the colors can be bright and bold, softly muted neutrals, or understated pastels. And, of course, the cold season calls for one of my favorite garments – winter coats.

Statement coats are all the rage, so go ahead and buy the coat you’ve always wanted – even though it’s not practical.

Overcoats can pull an outfit together, creating a chic and stylish overall look. This year, coat trends are an explosion of refreshing styles. Many are boxy, relaxed, and made with beautiful fabrics. Belted styles are always fashionable because they are always going to be feminine and flattering. Belts can even be found paired with puffer coats. Rock & roll shearling coats are back in fashion, this time with a touch of sophistication. While remaining controversial, fur coats are back because they are not only gorgeous, there is just nothing that will keep you as warm as a full-length mink coat. Faux fur, feathers, and leather are always an option. Camel coats remain in fashion with modern silhouettes. Coat dresses, which are coats styled to look like a dress, are a great option when you need to put on something quick to run an errand. No one will know there is a sloppy sweatshirt underneath your stylish outerwear. Sweater coats are just as cozy as they are chic. Choose a long style and you’ll feel as if you are wrapped up in a warm and snuggly afghan.
Statement coats are all the rage, so go ahead and buy the coat you’ve always wanted – even though it’s not practical. Brighten a blah winter day with a cheery color, or show your sense of style in a velvet pea coat. Express your whimsical personality in a hot pink, flower-embellished, belted trench coat. You’ll love it and you’ll wear it more than you think. One style I still don’t understand is the extraordinarily long sleeves trending in the fashion world. Now, this long-sleeve trend is carrying over into coats. Lengths that practically drag the floor are available, if you so desire.
Coats also lend themselves to pairing with boots; ankle, knee-high, and over-the-knee boots are all on trend this season. Add a pair of tights and you’ll be snug as a bug.
If you have an older coat you love but want to give it a fresh look, try adding a super-stylish scarf. A retro look making a comeback is tying a scarf around your head. This look can be styled to look classic or cheeky. Wearing oversized chunky scarves wrapped casually around your neck is a great way to stay warm and fashionable.
Gloves or mittens are essential for warm and toasty hands. Mittens keep your hands warmer because your fingers produce heat for each other. Layering two pair of soft, knit gloves is a winner for warmth. Buy gloves just a bit large to give your fingers room to move and make heat.
To “top off” your look, try wearing a beanie or wide-brimmed wool hat. The beanie will look best when placed to the back on your head, and the wide-brim will look stylish when worn slightly to one side.
Just a few days after this article was finished, the weather has changed dramatically. Looking out over the field, I see a sparkling layer of frost on the ground. Winter is coming, and coats are “what’s in fashion.”

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