The Y-Lift: A Lunchtime Facelift

It Will Change Your Life

Don’t Miss Out on the Revolutionary New YLIFT: The Lunchtime Facial Rejuvenation Treatment that Will Change Your Life.

Biltmore Restorative Medicine and Aesthetics proudly announces the certification of Dr. George Ibrahim as one of the only physicians trained between New York and Miami in the innovative new YLIFT procedure! The YLIFT restores lost volume and replenishes youthful facial contours in less than an hour. Also known as the “lunchtime facelift,” a term coined by Dr. Oz, this non-invasive treatment revives the ideal natural features and youthful shape of the face. In under 60 minutes, cheekbones are accentuated, the under eye area is properly defined, and the jawline and neckline are tightened. So how does this revolutionary new facial treatment work?

It’s all about the science. Let’s discuss what happens as we age – the face and skull begin to lose volume around the areas with the most bone mass (we can all spot the difference between the skull of a 25 year old and that of a 70 year old). We also lose volume from fat pads and muscle in the face. By the age of 50, most of us have lost between one – two teaspoons of ‘filler,’ which is about five – ten ccs or milliliters (mL). A typical syringe of filler is only one mL, so most people lose the equivalent of five to ten “syringes of filler” as they age.

The problem for most patients undergoing a dermal filler procedure, a common treatment used to restore volume in areas with subcutaneous fat loss, is usually only one or two syringes of filler is placed under the skin. This is often far less than needed and leaves some areas “beautified” – like the upper cheeks – but neglects other areas such as the lower jaw or chin that have lost just as much volume. Price is an issue with injectable fillers. Only 1% of providers achieve “tier 1” buying levels, resulting in savings that can be passed along to patients. The other 99% of physicians pay much more and therefore must charge more for their procedures when based on “price per syringe.”

When treating patients with the YLIFT, instead of performing unnecessary injections, we carefully use less than seven small injections to reach the entire face, not just the cheekbones or other isolated areas.

This means the upper cheeks, lower jaw, jaw angle, and chin are all treated at the same time and all receive the appropriate amount of attention.

We use a special instrument with a blunt tip that moves away from, rather than puncturing into, any vessels or nerves in the treatment area. This helps prevent pain and/or bruising. The YLIFT solution is then placed under the muscle, restoring the volume lost through aging. By lifting the muscle and tightening the skin, we achieve a more natural look, as opposed to only dermal filler injections under the skin.
Instead of multiple needle sticks all over the upper cheeks, the entire face is treated instead of just targeted areas with a few injections. Bruising and downtime are at a minimum and results last for years. Best of all – this treatment can all be completed in under an hour!

Visit for more detailed information or see for before and after pictures. Schedule your consultation for the ‘lunchtime facelift’ today and put off a surgical lift for years to come!

Dr. George Ibrahim, owner of Biltmore Restorative Medicine, is the region’s leading restorative medicine doctor. Biltmore Restorative Medicine provides both men and women many medically-safe ways to look, feel, and love better.

Dr. George Ibrahim
Written by Dr. George Ibrahim