November Snippets

Veterans Day is November 11
Take time to honor the men and women who have served our country so that we can live free.

Easy Fall Centerpieces
You can easily, and inexpensively, decorate your home this fall with these simple ideas.
Place a pillar candle into a large glass container. Put cinnamon sticks around the base of the candle. As the candle burns, the delightful fragrance will fill the air.
Pick a few colorful leaves. Tie them around a pillar candle using burlap string or twine. Place several together on a decorative plate.
A tall glass cylinder or mason jar can be filled with small pumpkins, colorful leaves, acorns, and small pinecones. Fill in the empty spaces with popcorn. Tie a ribbon around the top and place a tea-light in the center.

Do You Know?
Thanks to Thanksgiving, TV dinners were born. In 1953, Swanson had so much left-over turkey, a salesman suggested that they package it into aluminum trays and market it as an easy way to serve a meal.

Get Your Boots On
Autumn is a great time to observe the beauty of the Western North Carolina mountains. There are so many hiking trails and waterfalls to see. Keep in mind that the temperature can drop 20 degrees on some high-elevation hikes. Likewise, while it’s shady in the forest, you’ll need sunscreen or a hat in open fields. Plan ahead by packing a snack, water, hat, and jacket. There are many websites with detailed descriptions of specific hikes, directions, and the best time of the year to visit. Here are just a few to entice you.

Black Balsom Knob is considered to be a moderate hike. At the summit, enjoy 360-degree views.

Roan Mountain Appalachian Trail
is a moderate hike along a five-mile long ridge.

Craggy Pinnacle
, while only a 1.4 mile round trip, is more strenuous with it’s rocky and steep-in-places trail.

Looking Glass Rock
is another strenuous trail. It’s 6.5 round trip hike is a gradual climb most of the way.

To reach the highest point east of Mississippi, visit Mt. Mitchell. This hike can be strenuous, but it’s worth the effort.

Write it Down
If you are searching for happiness, the simple act of writing down things you are grateful for can actually change your life. Having gratitude has proven benefits. People who are grateful are more relaxed, less self-centered, more optimistic, kinder, are sick less often, and have increased self-esteem and productivity. To begin changing your mindset from gloomy to grateful, take five minutes each day to write down things you feel grateful for. Really think about things that seem predictable or often go un-noticed. Of course, we are grateful for loved ones and warm homes, but also think about seemingly little things that are easy to take for granted, like waking up to a hot cup of coffee and having a blanket to keep us warm. Try to write something different everyday for the whole month of November.

Thanks to JeanAnn Taylor for these informative and fun “Snippets” each month! She is a style expert, home organizer and Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. She can be reached at

JeanAnn Taylor
Written by JeanAnn Taylor