Words From the Editor

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker

Even though we always have articles and a monthly Department concerned with women’s health issues, we do a special Women’s Health theme once a year. And I’m consistently amazed and in awe of the stories women tell about confronting, coping with and overcoming health challenges.

This year’s Health issue is full of those sorts of inspiring and informative articles.

Here’s Hope! is an article focused on an organization called Hope Chest for Women that raises funds to offer financial support to women dealing with breast and gynecological cancers.

An issue that definitely isn’t talked about much is miscarriage; often no one even knows the woman is pregnant so there’s very litte opportunity for grieving. Our own Amanda Byerly writes a poignant piece about her experience with a miscarriage that I think will open a deep conversation for women (and men) dealing with that loss.

Another “silent” issue, with much stigma attached to it, is pregnancy among women in recovery. Project CARA (Care that Advocates Respect/Resiliency/Recovery for All) is a substance use disorder clinic for pregnant women at Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC). Their article will tell you more about this important issue.

Often health challenges offer an opportunity to grow beyond just “getting back to normal” and the profile of artist Angela Alexander (see her colorful art on WNC Woman’s July cover) tells of the evolution of her painting style as she adapted to physical difficulties.

We have more than the usual number of Meet Our Advertisiers profiles this month: these present a good opportunity for you to get to know some of our advertisers more deeply. From Integrative Healing at Epione Clinic, to a new Dr. at DePaolo Orthopedics, to Science of Mind Practitioners who have dealt with their own health challenges, to a space created specifically for deep energy healing, to herbal knowledge for self-healing, and the need for psychological/spiritual healing to complement the physical, we have a wide range of Features that offer so many viewpoints.

We intend this monthly publication to be one where you readers will find information on most of the topics of interest to women of all ages. Whether it is personal finances (this month Dawn Starks tells us how we can move from suviving to thriving!) or business ideas and resources (you’ll learn about local incubator, Hatch This) it’s in here.

Whether you are interested in music or beer or food or nutritional supplements or clothing styles, we offer it.

And starting this month we are adding a new Department called Real Family. This is a result of several of our staff hearing from readers that they want articles relevant to new moms or the “sandwich generation” or families looking for ways to flourish in a local economy with rising home and rental prices. We know many women who are coping with children at home, plus work/career/businesses that take much of the time and focus away from their own health and well-being. We want to hear from you readers about how you’re making ends meet, while you enjoy your lives and our beautiful enviornment.

We started this section off with a review of a book about reducing conflict with a teenage daughter called Dial Down The Drama. Very useful and interesting ideas and tools offered by the author.

Enjoy, as always, and tell us what you like and want more of! Email me at editor@wncwoman.com

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker