Kyung-Sook Lee of Self-Care Space

“May of 2015: I have completed the second most dramatic move of my life. The first being Seoul, Korea to Detroit, Michigan, this one being from Manhattan, NY to Hendersonville, NC.”

Kyung-Sook Lee, also called Walker West came to the US in 1971 as a registered pharmacist, became a research chemist and later served as a health science public policy analyst at the National Academy of Sciences in D.C.

Walker says, “Although I valued my work as a scientist and enjoyed the intellectual discipline and rational thinking that were crucial for research, the dancer and poet I had hoped to become led me to leave behind my ‘first’ career in 1989.” She had a dream from early childhood to become a Martha Graham dancer. Her father diverted her from that dream and she relates, “All my life I had secretly suffered from the pain of my lost dreams.” But, at age 46 she started private ballet lessons and studied and performed Funk Jazz in Manhattan.

“I was fortunate enough to be able to spend more than two decades developing my ‘second’ career. I dedicated myself to the study of what I had missed while being a scientist: poetry, writing, dance, painting, psychology, Buddhism, yoga, life coaching, and teaching English as a Second Language.”
She only later realized this second career was moving her toward her ‘third act.’ “At that time I thought that if I didn’t act upon my inner most desire, even at that late age, I would never be happy. I saw clearly that I needed to take action. Without such a decisive, transformative moment, I would have not experienced such a glorious, triumphant moment and the healing of a deep wound. I was my own healer.”

Since childhood and particularly during the period starting in the early 90s, Walker had naturally offered several friends a “non-judgmental environment where [they] could find comfort and talk through the tangle of life-circumstances that they found themselves in.”

Then she received a kind of omen from the three friends whom she had coached. They stressed how much she had helped them and that she could charge for those services. From that prompting she found a certificate program at New York University. “I showed up, and realized that what they were teaching I had been doing, in one-way or another, all my life. Without hesitation, I enrolled in the program, double majoring in Personal and Executive/Business Life Coaching.”

“I have also added the study of many other modalities to my coaching practice, such as: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) (trained in London), Buddhism, Yoga, Meditation, The Three Principles, by Sydney Banks, coupled with creative processes based on the dynamics found in my artistic practice, along with my own life experiences, which have added a more practical wisdom to my coaching. Higher Brain Living Mastery Facilitator Certification, and The Spirituality of the Enneagram Certification are the latest studies that I have explored to enhance my skills and academic understanding for the human potential development.”

Today you can find Walker at her Self-Care Space at 611 North Church St. in Hendersonville. She set up the space as an extension of a living room where clients can have a comfortable and natural conversation focused on their self-development. She brings an evolutionary, transformative life coaching process to her work.

Using the concept of Higher Brain Living in particular, she tailors sessions to each individual’s background and needs. The first session costs $90 and the second session is free. Then she will tailor future sessions around individual needs using HBL and Coaching alone or together, for short or long term as needed.

Words From a Client:
I have tried many therapies in my adult years to shed all my past regrets and rid myself of depression FOREVER. I started HBL nine weeks ago. I was amazed at how quickly Walker reached my inner core (my authentic self.) With her LIFE COACHING plus HBL she helped me unload 50 years of regret and guilt. We dumped it in the PAST!!!

The combination of Walker’s coaching and HBL is a fast tract to joy, peace and contentment and permanent HAPPINESS. It is like no other. Period. I am grounded for the 1st time in 63 years!
Virginia Caryl Jones

Written by WNC Woman