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Sandi Tomlin-Sutker

If you haven’t seen our new website, please check it out! Thanks to Suzanne Amelung and her colleagues at Elemental Creations for the gorgeous new look and feel.

But I would be remiss not to deeply thank Stephen Shanafelt for the years he has supported me and the magazine on the website… Every month he made sure all the new articles and photos/images were placed online by the time the print magazine was out. And he helped keep our social media presence vibrant. Since he is busy with his freelance editing and other work we have now hired Marcie Carnes to take over our Social Media and she’s doing a great job… check out and LIKE our page if you haven’t already!

You will see some changes in print this month as well: I’ve matched the fonts to those on the website and I really like the clean and modern look. What about you?

And I think you will be delighted and moved by the content around the theme of Coming Home. It certainly struck a note in the hearts of many writers.

You’ll read some practical tips from Melanie Cozzo about the Feng Shui of de-cluttering your spaces. It’s advice I certainly need to pay attention to!

Farrell Sylvest relates the experience and art of living in a tiny cabin; it looks inviting and has resulted in her own de-clutterig as she downsized.

There are articles about women building their own structures and how adept we can be at that… and how taking that challenge leads to personal growth as well.

Several writers got into the spirit of home: what is it, really? Where is it? The idea of Home Within is a powerful one: carrying our “home” with us where ever we go.

A couple of writers addressed the feelings they have experienced as Asheville has gone through big changes in recent years.

The issue wouldn’t be a complete look at Coming Home without looking at the issue of homelessness. Maureen Simon went on a walking “tour” with a number of folks who experience homelessness every day in our community. They allowed her into their world and she brought back powerful photos to give us a small sense of what that daily experience is like.

And then there is Dari Mullins’ article, written with the support of Louise Glickman of Women For Women and others involved in the issue of Human Trafficking. I will warn you that it is a harrowing article to read, but worth the effort to learn some aspects of this problem you may not be aware of (I certainly wasn’t). Dari titled the piece Show Them Home to indicate that so many of these young women (and men) are manipulated into a pattern where they “feel” that the life they are leading IS home. You will find there are many ways to help.

Lots more here to help you connect and to inform and inspire and entertain. Enjoy!

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker Email: editor@wncwoman.com

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker