Q & A about Colloidal Silver

From The Health Experts

Q: Hey guys, My friend uses Colloidal Silver for a variety of ailments, but i am unsure about it. What can you tell me this product?

Yes, interesting stuff! Colloidal Silver has a very interesting history of medical use. First of all, elemental silver appears to have anti-microbial properties, meaning it may retard the growth of bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus, etc. So, if applied to wounds, swallowed, gargled or used otherwise, may be helpful in certain infections either as a first aid or to treat the condition. It has been used for a host of medical conditions over the eons and has probably been tried for everything. The term “Colloidal” simply means the microscopic silver particles are dispersed in some medium, usually water. When stored at room temperature the particles should stay suspended in solution, so do not refrigerate.

Silver products historically were found in the prescription market as topical gels and even as eye drops. In the late 70’s the FDA moved to require all prescription products show proof of safety and efficacy. Colloidal Silver along with many other natural products disappeared because proof was difficult and expensive. Many of these products of course are now available in supplement shops sold as dietary supplements where no health care claims can be made.

The biggest issue is safety. Kits are available that allow you to make it at home, but it is difficult to assay a homemade product to determine potency. Too much silver can accumulate in the body and can lead to an irreversible bluish skin discoloration known as ARGYRIA. There are many reported cases of this. Check it out on Google Image. This is not to say all homemade products are bad. It does require a certain know-how to assure a safe product. However, safety can be assured by sourcing legitimately manufactured products with potencies in the 10 to 15 ppm (parts per million) range.

Another historical footnote is in days of old, a silver dollar coin or two was place in a container of water and left to sit. When some medical condition arose this solution would be used to drink or gargle, or to apply topically, etc. This silver solution was kept close as a remedy for a host of infectious disease. Of course, modern medicines have replaced these types of home remedies for the most part. But, colloidal silver remains a very viable and useful remedy in today’s natural healthcare market. Always purchase natural products by legitimate suppliers.

To close, always consult with your health care practitioner for a proper diagnosis before using colloidal silver and be sure to select a product in the safe potency range. And as always, balance work and play, eat right, stay hydrated, exercise, hang with friends and family, laugh a lot more, and BE WELL!

Mike Rogers & Bill Cheek
Written by Mike Rogers & Bill Cheek