Building A System To Win In The
Trust & Value Economy

5 Strategies To Get YOUR Economy Moving!

Face it; this economy is not down, what it is, is different. Times have changed and you need to change with them. So, what do you need to do to get your economy moving, to get things back on track and pointing in a positive direction? Well here are the top five strategies today’s successful businesses are putting into place to position their organizations for business and sales success.

Embrace Reality – Face it, it would be great if someone would ride in on a white horse, or wave a magic wand, or click their heels three times and this economy would get back on track. But in reality, let me be the first to say, “That ain’t gonna happen!” No one else is going to fix this economy, because the truth is this economy can’t be fixed. Why? The reality is that it is not broken; it is changing.

Our society, our culture, is literally going through an economic shift — a transition so to speak. A transition that is bringing about extreme change, and with it a whole new way of doing business. So if you want to succeed in this economy, your first step is to embrace your new reality. Understand that times are different, things have changed, and you need to learn the new rules. Every two months brainstorm with your team or your peers about what you observe changing with your customers, your industry, your competition and your employees. Embracing your reality positions you to take advantage of change rather than fall victim to it.

Focus on Values – Welcome to the age of integrity, and the economy where what you do is as important, if not more important, than what you say. As a professional, CEO or business owner, you need to know who you are and what you stand for in order to attract, retain and truly deepen client relationships.

Today’s consumers want and expect more. With so much competition, and so many choices your customers are looking for more than a great product, they are looking for a professional they can trust. People and companies they can build relationships with. To win in the trust and value economy you need to define your values and implement a values strategy.

Build Your Image – White noise! If you asked me why most marketing dollars are being wasted and advertising messages are getting lost I would have to say white noise. There is just too much of it out there these days, and consumers are overwhelmed with too much information. To succeed in this economy, you have to get above the fray, you have to stand out, and you have to be anything but white noise.

In the trust and value economy you cannot survive on only those customers you go out and get; you need customers coming to you. You need to invest in designing a strategy that pulls customers to you. One that builds and enhances your image and communicates your reputation, you can actually drive customers to you, piquing their interest to come calling on you rather than you always calling on them.

Invest In Relationships – We have all heard it said time and time again: relationships are the new currency. While this has always been true, it has never been truer than in this economy. The more people you know, the more people who know you, and the more people you help, the more successful you are going to be.

Success today takes time. Consumers are tired of getting hit with sales people worried about making goal and pushing to make a sale. They are looking for that professional or business owner who truly wants to invest in helping them become successful. If you want to win in the trust and value economy, then you need a relationship strategy. A system to consistently and proactively build relationships with your customers and prospects; relationships that build trust and add value.

Get Your Head Out Of The Sand –
There is more going on in this economy than what is happening in your business. If all you had to worry about was your own daily challenges you would actually be in good shape. But the trust and value economy is offering far more challenges and opportunities outside of your business than inside your business.

To be successful today, you need to routinely get your head out of the sand and take a look around. Every three or four months, get together with your team or your peers and ask; What is happening in the world around you? What is changing with consumers? How is your industry responding and growing? What is happening politically? What societal trends could positively or negatively impact your business?

So, are you ready to win in the trust and value economy? Simply by adapting these strategies, and putting a little time, effort and consistency into your process, you will easily position your company and your team to Win in the Trust & Value Economy.

Meridith Elliott Powell has been named one of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts To Watch by Currency Fair. She is an award-winning author and keynote speaker who works with her clients to help them build ownership at every level to drive results at every turn.

Meredith Elliot Powell
Written by Meredith Elliot Powell