Words From the Editor

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker

We’ve published our Woman’s Best Friends theme several times over the years… and it’s always interesting to me that most of the articles/stories we receive are about dogs. In fact one month a reader called to complain that there was not a single story about cats!

This month is different though. Mary Ickes brought us an in-depth article about an organization based in Hendersonville called Friends2Ferals. The founder, Nancy Schneiter, offers a workable, though sometimes controversial, method for coping with the problem of feral cats, especially in large feral communities. Read more about the Trap-Neuter-Release method on page 28.
In Waynesville another option exists to help “displaced felines.” Called FUR (Feline Urgent Rescue), this organization shelters cats until they are placed for adoption or, for those who are not adopted, FUR gives them a permanent home in their two-story sanctuary.

And, of course, there are several articles about that loyal Women’s Best Friend, the dog. Karen Vernon tells a sweet and funny story of her family’s adoption of Savvy (short for Savannah), a “gangly, awkward, needy creature” who seemed to be more than the mom could and wanted to handle. But the children realized Savvy would suffer from one more rejection and lobbied to keep her. Finally, when even obedience school didn’t change her behaviors, the family decided a GED (Good Enough Dog) was the way to recognize that love and acceptance are more important than great manners!

I guess no issue about pets would be complete without an article dealing with the death of a loved animal. LA Bourgois tells the story of finding their dog Cappy had suddenly passed away in the middle of the living room floor.

They briefly considered burying him in the yard but for various reason it wasn’t a viable option. What they found was that there were a number of pet crematoriums and cemetaries in the Asheville/WNC area… and that was the perfect solution.

Many of our regular columnists got into the Best Friend spirit too. Lavinia in her inimitable way, tells the story of Harriet, resident wild turkey, and her flock.

Anita Riley relates how one woman’s Best Friend inspired the creation of a brewery. And Dawn Starks addresses all the costs we must consider before heading off to the adoption center or pet store.
Dr. Beth Jones, describes how acupunture helps with pain by relating the story of Callie (you’ll see the cutest picture of her!). And Sandy McCall offers ideas on creating your own pet food and ways to know what ingredients are good and bad for your pet.

As always, because we like variety to round out each issue, we have articles on business, health, style, real estate, music and opinion (including Dari Mullins’ new column on ways we can make a difference in our communities… starting simply right where we are). And please get to know two of our advertisers as they tell you more about themselves.

Enjoy the July celebrations and check out our newly “improved” Facebook and Website pages.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker