Vavavooom Promotes Heart-Based Sexuality
What does “The Goddess Underground” have to do with VaVaVooom, a boutique that sells lingerie and body-safe sex toys? We are not referring to a particular entity nor a tradition by using the word “goddess.” Rather, we’re using the word as a representation of the Divine Feminine – the Feminine power that runs through everything, including women and men. The Feminine energy of strength, of beauty, of wisdom and the Feminine power of the Earth, whether she’s represented by flowing waters or an erupting volcano.

Lisa Ziemer created VaVaVooom as a safe place for women to explore their own sexuality, since most sex shops tend to cater to men’s desires. She wanted women to feel comfortable, able to ask questions and receive information.

The Goddess Underground workshops are simply an extension of our focus on sexual health and wellness. It’s yet another way for women – and men – to learn in a non-threatening environment about tools and techniques that empower them to make their own conscious choices, in any arena of life. When we feel empowered in who we are, we naturally begin to feel an innate sexual energy move through us, which in some traditions is referred to as “kundalini.” This energy moves up through the spine and can open other energy centers.

The Third Eye energy center is known as the chakra of “Divine Love.” As the energy of kundalini moves up from the base of the spine, it opens the Sacral chakra (center of pleasure and desire), the Solar Plexus chakra (the seat of our power and our soul), the Heart chakra of love and compassion, the Throat chakra of free expression, then goes above through the crown chakra (which connects us to God-Source energy), then to our Third Eye.

Thus, the ultimate goal is to connect the sexual act with Divine Love. It’s an act of union. Of oneness. Of pure connection, that happens first with self and then with another. The whole act becomes infused with Divine Love. This is “Sacred Sexual Union.” It requires being totally present with all sensations, while simultaneously connecting with the Divine. The center of this connection – the balance point – is in our hearts.

That’s why VaVaVooom promotes heart-based sexuality, where we can explore and play and discover ourselves – and possibly another – without shame or guilt. These are not “dirty things” to be hidden in dark corners. The flesh is sacred. The sexual act is sacred. We must consciously bring the sacred back to everything that we experience, in each moment. This is the beginning of living a life in ecstasy.

Please join us for any of our upcoming workshops, including: The Art of Ecstasy, The Magdalene Series, and The Sacred Seduction.
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Jessica left her former life as a criminal prosecutor and attorney to journey deep into the realms of her own mind and body. She lived for over two years in Europe after beginning a pilgrimage to sacred sites related to Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine. Now her mission is to help others live their lives in full connection with their hearts, bodies and the Earth:

Written by WNC Woman