Looking Great is NOT Just for the Ladies!

Men today care about their appearance more than ever. The average man consciously watches what he eats, tries to exercise, and does his best to pick out a flattering wardrobe. So why stop there, when restorative medicine can help him feel better, look better, and love better?

Many men are unhappy with their bodies but often don’t look to a specialist for help. Biltmore Restorative Medicine offers a wide range of options for any man looking to restore and revitalize himself.

Hormone Balancing
Did you know every man loses testosterone at a rate of approximately 2% a year beginning at age 25? Not some men, all men ! Is he falling asleep after dinner, getting thick around his midsection, or not performing at work or at home? He’s not alone. Most men begin to physically decline by age 45, but we can help. Ask him to see the only Duke trained male health specialist with advanced training in bio-identical hormones. Hormone Balancing is not only safe, it will dramatically help renew his vitality and vigor!

Bring Back Your Luscious Locks
Hair matters to everyone. Men with full heads of hair appear younger, healthier, and more vibrant. At Biltmore Restorative medicine we offer the latest and best hair restoration and transplantation in WNC. Our Platelet Rich Plasma programs, coupled with our NeoGraft transplanting procedures, result in completely natural, full heads of hair. There’s no doubt that investing in your hair will pay off. Come see us to start leading a life as full as your new head of hair.

“Vanquish” Unwanted Body Fat
Has his midsection grown? Are his pants not fitting like they used to? With the latest Vanquish Technology he can permanently and painlessly lose several inches off his waistline (or any trouble area)! Help boost his poolside confidence this year with the body he’s been wanting!

Botox isn’t just for women. Many successful men like Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez utilize Botox to vanish unwanted frown lines and wrinkles that can make them appear older. Many men’s skin tends to have suffered years of neglect, but it’s not too late to reverse the damage. Have him inquire about our platelet rich plasma therapies to rejuvenate his skin!

Weight Loss
At Biltmore Restorative Medicine, we offer a variety of safe and effective, physician monitored weight loss programs to shed those extra pounds. Sometimes diet and exercise are not enough, let us help him regain control of his body and be the confident man he is!

Dr. George Ibrahim of Biltmore Restorative Medicine has decades of experience as a urologist and male health expert. His practical training and knowledge make him an expert in the WNC area. Every man, at some point, suffers a decline in sex drive, but Biltmore Restorative Medicine can help every man get his “mojo” back!

Our Platelet Rich Plasma programs coupled with our NeoGraft transplanting procedures, result in completely natural, full heads of hair.

Biltmore Restorative Medicine also specializes in couples treatments to provide a better sexual experience for each partner. With our O-shot and Juliet laser for ladies, and our Priapus shot and GirthMax procedures for men, we can help you get that “new love” feeling back! Regain control of your love life together, at Biltmore Restorative Medicine, the region’s premier restorative medicine practice!
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Dr. George Ibrahim
Written by Dr. George Ibrahim