Herbs and Pregnancy

Over the years we have been asked many questions about the safety of various herbal products for use during pregnancy and childbirth and infancy—so here are some of the products we have used .

1. Vitamin K Neonatal drops—this has been used as an alternative to vitamin K shots given in the hospital
2. Evening Primrose oil—this has been used vaginally to soften the cervix.

3. Senecio Aureus—Has been used to strengthen contractions.

4. Gentle Birth (by Mountain Meadows)—Helps have a more comfortable labor and delivery.

5. After Pain Relief (Mountain Meadows)—Eases after birth pain and menstrual discomfort

6. Homeopathic Labor kit—Contains 4 homeopathic remedies used during birthing—by Lisa Goldstein
7. Arnica Massage oil—Used topically for any kind of tissue trauma

8. Gentian Violet—used topically for Candida infections

Finally—although most herbs have not been studied for safety (who would want to volunteer for study)—the following is considered safe.

1.Red Raspberry leaf—helps tone uterus for easier delivery
2.Ginger—use for morning sickness
3. DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice root)—good for heartburn
4, Echinacea—colds and flu
5. Holy Basil—for adrenal support

Many herbs should not be used in pregnancy. If you are unsure please give us a call. And of course, alway check with your doctor or midwife before taking anything, pharmaceutical or natural. It is certainly better to always be conservative, cautious, and safe.

Once again—thanks for everyone’s support of our business over the last 20 years-mike and bill.

Mike Rogers & Bill Cheek
Written by Mike Rogers & Bill Cheek