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I don’t need a life coach, do I?
You know what I did when I found out I was writing my first feature in WNC Woman? I called my life coach. No, she didn’t tell me what to write. Effective life coaches don’t give advice. Instead, they pull out our inner wisdom and help us break through self-limiting beliefs so we can discover our own solutions. Now, before I tell you about myself and my coaching pedigree, let’s start with you. With coaching, it is always about the client. So, I’m going to share three powerful reasons to hire a life coach. If any of these resonate with you, it’s probably time for you – yes, you – to invest in your future happiness and work with a coach.

In Huffington Post’s “#1 Reason to Hire a Life Coach” (July 16, 2016), Prema Srinivasan states, “Great life coaches ask questions that evoke answers that unlock their client’s potential and elevate (their) quality of life.” You could benefit from some unlocked potential and quality of life elevation, right? Srinivasan reveals her top reason for hiring a coach – to develop better relationships with loved ones. Oh no, not that! Who wants to spend more time and money working on relationships? Well, on your journey to creating the life you want and achieving true contentment, you will inevitably need to examine the relationships in your life. There really is no way around it except through it. And seriously, aren’t you exhausted with years of futile attempts to do it your way?
Next, in Forbes “Should you hire a life coach?” (September 23, 2015), Ashley Stahl recommends hiring a coach if, “Your confidence is not where you want it to be.” I couldn’t agree more. Confidence is a frequent theme that inevitably arises during the coaching process. Even if you think this doesn’t apply to you, it most likely does. Stay with me here because this is crucial. Just for a moment, imagine what you could accomplish if you had more confidence. What could be better in your life if you were more confident? Think big. Don’t limit yourself. Now pause and let this soak in. I encourage you to jot down what you envision. Then, sit with it for a few moments.

Finally, Ms. Stahl recommends hiring a life coach if you are irritated. Wait, what? You should hire a coach because you are irritated. And if you became annoyed just reading this, it is undeniably time to consider coaching. Nearly every woman I know, most notably myself, could have saved years of heartache if we had all flocked to a life coach as soon as we realized we were walking around in a perpetual state of aggravation. If you just had an a-ha moment, I’d encourage you to thoroughly consider how much of your life you spend being irritated. In fact, journal about it. Really tap into your feelings. What could be different if you were able to let go of your irritation?

Speaking of journaling, let me conclude with a tip. I highly recommend journaling because it aids in self-awareness. And self-awareness is where the magic begins. With skillful coaching, once you become aware, you can learn to modify behaviors that no longer serve you. Ultimately, you will accomplish your goals and live a more satisfying life.
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More About Allison And Her Coaching Process

Allison is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) educated and trained through the Coaching for Transformation program, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Coaching for Transformation (CFT) has received many accolades and been recognized in the NY Times and Huffington Post as a powerful approach? CFT integrates proven pathway work and a comprehensive holistic mind-body-spirit process. Both pieces are fundamental for authentic transformation.

Allison also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and worked in marketing and communications for two decades. Currently, she coaches women who desire more joy and fulfillment. Some clients want to get clear on career goals. Others are seeking to change ineffective habits or negative patterns that are hindering their happiness. Regardless of the goal, coaching is a process. Successful coaching focuses on action, client commitment, and achieving sustainable results.

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Allison Larsson
Written by Allison Larsson