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Ah, spring is finally truly here… almost summer really. I’ve gotten out into the garden,my favorite outdoor activity besides hiking along the mountain trails in our diverse and beautiful region.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker – Email: editor@wncwoman.com – Photo: Cat Ford-Coates – Studio 828

This month’s issue is all about ways and places to Get Out There! From Heartsong Camp, to the Muddy Sneakers program, and Camplify, you’ll read about some outstanding programs that support and nuture kids who might otherwise never have a camping experience nor connect with the science and spirit of Nature.

You’ll enjoy the surprising origins/history of Skyland Camp in Clyde and learn what they are offering 100 years later.

Not everyone is staying right here in WNC, gorgeous and diverse as it is; Two Women and a Chinook camper shows another side to traveling the world; and Of Course You Can Go offers insight into how to travel light and with an open mind and heart for whatever adventures may find you!

One of our most precious, and well-utilized resources is the WNC Arboretum; you’ll read about the many activities and programs they offer (and see some lovely photos).

And speaking of photos: articles about Blue Heron Whitewater in Madison County, all the camps mentioned all include photos to whet your appetite for Getting Out There… now!

Of course, all the other regular columns offer views on a variety of subjects to inspire and inform and entertain you.

Enjoy! And really, do get out there and write to us about your adventures!

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker