Speaking of Style: Florals For Spring? Absolutely!

| By JeanAnn Taylor |

Contrary to the opinion of the sarcastic and egotistical Miranda Priestly (Merle Streep) in The Devil Wears Prada, florals for spring are perfect. In the movie, Priestly, editor of Runway magazine, insults her staff by insisting that a flower-themed fashion spread is too mundane for the spring issue. While floral prints can be worn year-round, they offer fresh appeal in gardens and garments every spring and summer. The reason: women love flowers and the happiness they evoke.

Choosing complementary colors and contrasting print sizes will show your savvy style.

There are as many ways to style a floral look as there are flowers in a bouquet. The 2017 floral trends include leggings, jumpsuits, and rain boots. Sheer tights adorned with floral patterns, floral appliqués on jackets and jeans, and one simple flower worn in your hair are all fetching floral favorites. The mix of colors in floral prints makes it easy to create several different looks with one piece. Imagine a sheath dress of bright orange and lemon yellow flowers with a sprinkling of green leaves. With this one dress, you can create a daring look by wearing orange heels and carrying a yellow purse or tone it down with a classic pair of nude pumps and a green handbag. Learning to harmonize and play with your color palette is a fun way to express your individual personality.

Depending on your mood or destination, you can find a floral print to wear in soft watercolors or bright graphics. The versatile floral print can be feminine, edgy, or classic. Florals can have a modern or vintage vibe. No matter your age, body type, or lifestyle, everyone can wear floral prints. To keep your look fresh, rather than frumpy, just follow a few simple style guidelines.

The size of the floral print should correlate to the size of your frame. If you are petite, a small print may work best to avoid overwhelming your features. Larger motif flowers work best in larger pieces of clothing such as full skirts. Make sure there is neutral or quiet space in the print, or in your ensemble, if you are going for a sophisticated or elegant look. Busy prints are typically more casual. Full flowing skirts require a fitted top otherwise the look will be too billowy. Follow the fashion rule: If the top is full, the bottom should be fitted. If the top is fitted, the bottom can blossom.

While mixing prints is fun and trendy, wearing more than one floral print at a time may look like an overgrown garden. It’s best to mix the type of print. For example, a striped top with a floral skirt, or a floral jacket over a gingham sundress can look quite stylish. Black and white stripes are usually a safe color combination to pair with floral prints. Another easy way to mix prints is to do the mixing with your accessories. Carry a floral bag with your polka-dot dress or wear floral print shoes with your plaid pants. To protect your skin, a wide-brimmed, floral print hat is both fashionable and functional.

JeanAnn Taylor

Choosing complementary colors and contrasting print sizes will show your savvy style. Wearing contrasting colors will work best if you have at least one accessory to pull it all together. Small prints mixed with larger motifs are more pleasing to the eye. If all the prints are small, the overall look will be muted. If all the prints have large motifs, the overall look can be confusing. I always say that a lady can break a rule or two, so if you feel daring, go for it. The key to mixing prints and colors is to make it look intentional, not haphazard. The key to fashion success is having confidence in what you are wearing.

Floral fashion can take you from the office to a picnic. You can be as soft as petal pink or as bold as ruby red. So, pick a bouquet to wear!

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Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker