If You Don’t Like The Rules, Change Them

| By Emma M. Churchman, M.Div. |

True story: I spent 17 years failing as an entrepreneur.

I have a long history of being a financially un-successful entrepreneur. Over two decades of my on-again, off-again entrepreneurial journey, I dragged a ton of crap into my businesses: lack of clarity about what my gifts really are, guilt with charging money for those gifts, fear of being visible, overwhelm at being a business owner, all mixed together with a massive amount of struggle. I also tried just about every “magic business formula” out there for growing my business to six figures.

Emma Churchman

When I got into alignment with who I am at soul-level in every aspect of my business, and began only taking aligned action, I grew my business from an average of $500 to an average of $20,000 in monthly sales in 30 days. My business grew multi-six figures within a year!

Here is one of the biggest shortcuts I took in my business to grow it exponentially. I took a look at everyone around me – my peers, and all of the business coaches out there teaching the online model of business. Every. Single. Person around me was telling me to take my business online.

I really, really tried to be a good entrepreneur and listen and follow the rules and build a business online. But I kept getting stuck, and overwhelmed, and would find myself stopping more than starting. I had more of a relationship with WordPress than with my boyfriend, and let me tell you I wasn’t getting any results with WordPress.

I asked myself if trying to build my business online was really worth it, because I found myself hating my business more than liking it. After recognizing that trying to build an online business was actually getting in my way, I just stopped. Instead of connecting with folks online, I started getting out and going to networking events and conferences. I connected with people face-to-face and almost immediately people started buying from me. And, check this out: I was having a lot of FUN doing marketing and sales for my business. And no one seemed to care whether or not I even had a website.

I grew my business to multi-six figures in one year with a basic website and an email list of less than 200 people. As my offline business grew strong, I slowly began to grow an online presence. It is still a work in progress, but it is done in a way that works for me, like through weekly blogs to my fledgling Tribe and through sales funnels that I have fun creating. Go figure. If I had stuck with the model that everyone else told me to create, I would still be a financially strapped, unsuccessful entrepreneur hating my business.

Think about that for a minute. What do you absolutely NOT want to do, even though everyone is telling you that you should? What shortcuts could you take that break the ‘rules’ in how to do business? (Nothing illegal and no magical thinking!)

What if those shortcuts actually worked out and you didn’t have to work as hard as you think you have to work? How could you make your life so much easier, even though others might disapprove of you? What if (shocker) you decided to stop struggling, and swimming upstream, in your business? What would your business look like if it was easy and if you loved every aspect of it?

Here’s the truth: the more spiritually conscious you are, the more it is both your right, and your responsibility, to live into that consciousness. It is also your responsibility to align your business fully with your own divine self-expression – and for most of us that means flushing the old operating system of struggle down the toilet. It also means that someone else’s magic business formula just isn’t going to cut the mustard.

The greatest gift you can give yourself as a spiritually conscious entrepreneur is permission to do business exactly the way that deeply resonates to who you are. That is where your real freedom and financial abundance lie. Here are some queries to get you started in shifting your business model to one that truly works for you.

What do you really want?

Honestly, what do you want for yourself, your life, and your business? I’m astounded by how many entrepreneurs don’t know how to answer this question, yet it is an absolute necessity for creating success.

What rules are you following that you don’t even know you are following?

This is where I see a lot of entrepreneurs get stuck. We put ourselves in boxes and limit ourselves without real consciousness around what we are doing.

What decision do I need to make FIRST in order to reach my goal?

Following your intuition and keeping close to your divine self-expression is about making a decision and then having the faith that the ‘how’ of getting to your goal will unfold. The decision is more important than knowing the how in advance, trust me.

What is stopping you from having what you want?

How does resistance show up for you? Get really aware of what resistance looks like, then acknowledge it, and keep moving forward. Just because you’re feeling fear doesn’t mean the Universe is trying to tell you to not take action. Fear is NORMAL. Recognize it, normalize it, and keep moving.

I encourage you to take some time to sit with these queries and address them directly. If you do, I guarantee you will be much closer to success than without them.

Emma M. Churchman, M.Div. is a business coach with a seminary degree and mad-genius psychic skills, who grew her business offline to multi-six figures within a year! She mentors conscious entrepreneurs who understand that success in business is 10% execution and logistics and 90% managing you, your energy, your beliefs, your choices, and your ability, or inability, to take action. Visit www.emmachurchman.com.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker