From the Health Experts: Back To Basics – Who Are We And What We Do

| By Mike Rogers and Bill Cheek of Nature’s Vitamins & Herbs |

In 1996 pharmacists Mike Rogers and Bill Cheek founded Nature’s Pharmacy. They were working in area pharmacies and fielding many natural-product questions and realized no one in the mainstream health care field knew much about these things. Their business was founded in order to provide Asheville with a reliable source of information on natural products, the best dietary supplements they could find, guidance in people’s health care journey and their integration with prescription medicines.

Mike Rogers and Bill Cheek of Nature’s Vitamins & Herbs

In 1998 they added prescription compounding to the mix. As far as we know, they were first pharmacy in the U.S. to take this approach to health care. For the next 17 years, the staff worked hard everyday serving WNC providing unique compounds and supplements to those that needed it. The staff included Hara Sitnick, Kirsten Berggren, Holly Goodson, and Amber Myers. The awesome team helped build the store into a thriving well-respected business.

In 2015, Bill and Mike sold their pharmacy department and changed the business name to Nature’s Vitamins and Herbs. As the new name suggests, they now devote full time to helping patients with natural products. Later that year, hemp extracts were legalized in North Carolina so they have developed expertise in various types of CBD products. Bill and Mike, as well as herbalist Amber Myers, greet customers one at a time to help with the herbal remedy selection process for a wide range of conditions; they stock plenty of items suitable for general health such as multiple vitamins/minerals, etc.

Now 21 years after opening Nature’s Pharmacy, we want to reflect on what we have learned about health, particularly the basics of health. What we know is the basics haven’t changed. The basics never change! We all need good food, easy to digest and to energize us. We all need plenty of water or water-based drinks to stay hydrated. We all need to move around, a lot, everyday! We all need clean air. We all need community and fellowship. We all need a connection to something bigger than us. Our bodies want to self-heal. That is the way we are designed. That is where natural medicine comes in. They provide nutrients that provide signals to our bodies to heal properly.

This is a simple concept really, but one that is easy to veer away from as we move through life. It is easy to get caught up in being complacent in health, a little lazy, too much sugar, coffee and tobacco (among other things, ha!). We see many adults that are looking to get back to the basics of health and our best advice is this: Change one thing at a time! Any of us can do this. Nobody can change everything all at once. For example, minimize simple sugars from your diet. Or to be even bolder, eliminate sugar (wow!). Exercise intimidating? Try walking around the block one time. Tomorrow, twice. Trying to lose weight? Set your goal at five pounds. Then go from there. The point is, change is tough so set reasonable, doable goals.

We continue to serve WNC with solid advice and products. Please come by and see us or give us a call. So remember the basics and stick to them. And one more: laugh a LOT more! Be well.

Call the guys at Nature’s Vitamins & Herbs for more information or with your questions: 828-251-0094. Mike Rogers (Doctor of Pharmacy) and Bill Cheek (B.S. Pharmacy)

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker