Book Review: “The Indigo Journals (Spiritual Healing For Indigo Adults & other Feminine Souls)” by Yol Swan

“One of the aims of this book is to help you embrace your spiritual feminine nature, which has been greatly distorted and wounded over the centuries, and to integrate the masculine qualities needed to shape a harmonious dynamic with yourself. Enhancing only the Feminine can leave you too receptive and passive for the world we live in, while stressing only the Masculine keeps you disconnected. A healthy balance is imperative.”

Yol Swan’s book is both a personal memoir of her healing journey as well as a “roadmap” for healing for all who live with Feminine Soul (whether male or female) characteristics: “empathic, intuitive, nurturing and open minded.”

One very detailed chapter offers an overview of the history of Earth and the souls who have inhabited it for eons through reincarnations. “We’ve all been royalty and indigents; scientists and monastics; criminals and judges; victims and perpetrators; and everything in between.” As we’ve moved through our experimentation as souls, she explains that, “The greed, injustice, and destruction we see today are reflections of the disproportionate masculine energy and the predominant abuse of the Feminine everywhere.”

The good news is that through the process, which is Divinely designed, the “ultimate purpose of life is to transcend the dictates of the senses and establish perfect harmony of Feminine and Masculine… achieving the neutral, non-dual essence of Divine Consciousness.” She encourages us to embrace our Divine Feminine nature and “delve deeply within to remove all resistance and allow the real you to emerge.”

In our very Masculine dominated culture the Feminine aspects (again, of both men and women) are not often valued. Yol tells us: “Asserting your spiritual feminineness entails finding your place and purpose, as well as making peace with the world.” In two chapters called The Feminine-Masculine Soul Spectrum and Main Features of Feminine and Indigo Souls, she goes into detail to help us understand ourselves and why one might be “emotionally disconnected from your true self.”

Some of the main features you may recognize in your own character: Highly Sensitive; Receptive and Intuitive, which may manifest as Clairvoyance and other “psychic” abilities; Empathic and Compassionate so that you may need to “differentiate what’s insight, what’s your imagination, and what’s a projection of unresolved emotional wounds and needs.” You are likely to be “drawn to Metaphysical or Spiritual subjects; deeply connected to animals and nature; highly creative and solution-oriented; hungry for a deeper understanding (possibly sensing and perceiving things others don’t); bound to the truth, particularly when it comes to ignorance, unfairness, or dogmatic ideas.”

Additional features of these feminine souls and Indigos are “non-linear, spherical thinking” that may, in our more linear culture, cause you to see yourself as flawed and unable to keep up with academic standards and expectations that don’t suit your way of perceiving. You likely have a “freedom-seeking nature” and feel like a “stranger in a strange land.” Yet you are “driven by a sense of purpose” and do feel special, see others as your equal and have other characteristics that may be at odds with family or friends and colleagues.

The Indigo Journals offers a perspective on why you need healing as well as ways to “recognize your spiritual wounds” and “embrace your divine difference” whether Introvert or Extravert by understanding your purpose in this lifetime. Yol says it simply: “you’re here to bring change… Even though we all tend to resist change. Let’s be honest. In a world so blatantly power-oriented, you’ve been immensely unloved, and this shaped the need to justify your existence and remain codependent… you can only heal the world by healing yourself—by restoring the Divine Feminine from within.”

She closes the book with a number of ways we can find healing by deeply understanding our soul purpose. Pick up this book for your own healing or that of any Feminine Souls you love.

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