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For once in my life I’m at a loss for words! Well, not literally since I’m actually writing here… but I’m so stunned by all that’s happened in the past month that it’s hard to put thoughts into any sort of succinct, meaningful sentences!

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker • editor@wncwoman.com • Photo by Cat Ford-Coates

So, rather than rehash what has been written everywhere else, I’ll simply say that there is hope and it’s evident this month in the Women of Power we are profiling!

Starting with Asheville’s mayor Esther Manheimer: she gives us some powerful encouragement to get down to the nitty gritty of the work that needs doing as well as making sure we listen to each other, even when we disagree.

What she is talking about, basically, is community building. And you’ll read, in Piecing a Community, about ladies who are creating beautiful quilts to give away to retired veterans, adults and children with cancer or other illnesses that keep them bed-ridden.

Next Angélica Reza Wind, director of Our Voice (Buncombe’s rape crisis cener) tells us how important, once again, community support is and how much our vigilance and proactive attention are needed, particularly at this time.

On a very positive and inspiring note, Susan Lachmann offers a look at her 30 years of promoting women’s music and interviewing powerful women at Women on Air in Johnson City.

You’ll read about how OpenDoors is supporting young people at risk and redefining Appalachian poverty; how Mary Edwards supports kids “with a mission to educate, prevent, and heal child abuse through spiritual strength, peer support, and inspiration.”

And how the local AAUW chapter works diligently to support important STEM education for young women.

And we are delighted to offer you readers a look, with pictures and quotes, at the historic women’s march on Washington DC. For those of us who weren’t able to Be There… this is the next best thing! It is a powerful example of coming together to voice our emotions and thoughts and to be an example of democracy in action!

Since it’s spring (or will be soon and sure feels like it now!) we also have some timely articles to whet your appetite for spring planting, along with where you can get your seeds and plants locally to get started! Enjoy!

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker