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Writing this column is often one of the hardest parts of putting the magazine together each month!

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker • editor@wncwoman.com • Photo by Cat Ford-Coates

I am always excited about the content and eager to intrigue and tempt you readers to be sure you don’t miss anything. Yet I also want you to find surprises as you browse each issue.

AND, I don’t want to show favoritism to particular articles, columns or writers… truly each article is offered from the heart: mine and the writer’s.

So, here goes! I am particularly delighted with this Relationship theme this year; still a New Year for all of us. Hopefully one filled with renewed dedication to our values; to willingness to be vulnerable and take risks. And to trust that there is always a greater story playing out than we can easily recognize at one moment in time.

We begin with a profile of a powerful woman who has passed on to her next adventure: Victoria McDonald from Jackson County.. Her story will inspire and bring you hope.

Since this month’s theme is Talking About Relationships we have several articles “talking” about a variety of relationships.

Imago Therapist, Helen Andrews, relates the theory that we are always, usually unconsciously, looking for Familiar Love: one that mimics the kind of love we received early in life. That certainly explains why we often get involved, over and over, with the same types of people in our lives!

Janis Gingermountain beautifully tells us about several women friends and how they add to the joy and richness of her life.

Many of us have a close relationship with our pets and Memory Lane by Daphne Ruth Darcy offers us a look at how one couple coped with the loss of a much-loved cat named Morris.

Then Family Therapist Shannon Todd gives us tips on how to identify relationship patterns and how to move through them to a deeper connection with a loved one.

Since the big holiday this month is St. Valentin’es Day, Susanne Kimball relates some of the complicated story of the holiday along with one reason roses (especially red ones!) are so traditional for the day.

Carol Diamond writes a moving, lyrical tribute to her late father; Carolyn Peerman offers us an opportunity to “come watch the sunset” with her.

Since we’ll have a new First Lady by the time you read this, I think you’ll enjoy JeanAnn Taylor’s overview of First Lady Style through US history.

To round out the issue with a broad viewpoint we have the second part of the story of organization TOPS® and how it helps people moving toward a healthier weight; we have our usual columns focused on many of the issues women (and men!) encounter in their daily lives: time, money, taxes, business, food & drink, health and more.

We have some Meet Our Advertisers profiles, a Calendar of events coming soon in our region, two intriguing book reviews… as always I hope you find lots to inspire, inform and connect you to other women in our area. And please write to me with your thoughts or concerns and ideas.


Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker