Poetry: Church on the Hill

| By Nellie Mooney |

This little wooden church built on a hill

it was a man’s dream, but it was God’s will.

it came about many years ago

The slaves had a dream

But no place to go.

They worked hard with shovels in their hands –

Thinking of the day they could buy some land.

They prayed earnest each day and night

Seeking God’s guidance to a brighter light.

They had a dream, they had a plan –

They needed some money to buy some land.

They met the Leverett who had love in their hearts

They lent them the land to get a start.

They worked hard whenever they could

With only a chisel to hew the wood.

The women and children did their share

Cooking the food to show they cared.

They finished this church that we worship in today

So count your blessings, and continue to pray!

Read about Nellie L. Mooney and her historic church restoration of Logan Chapel.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker