Poetry: “Giving Thanks”

| By Martha O. Adams |

What is given in a ten second pause
before the launch of fork and knife
into spaghetti squash, tomato pie
Duke’s, parmesan, thyme and dill
(one seed between the teeth, reveille
on the tongue) and home-made bread?

What pulls you to your knees down
among the worms and grubs under
a saffron sun before a crown
of dill-weed gone to seed; or wrings
songs dripping from your well
words drawn deep, clear black and cold
and graven with the taste of awe?

What gives you voice to greet wee spiders
translucent, laboring at dill altars
grooming with microscopic lobster
claws and climbing silken ladders?

Becoming familiar to WNCW readers, Martha O. Adams is an enthusiastic gardener and cook. Martha’s new book, In Your Meadow; A Meditation with Art for Coloring, gives readers more options for sinking into poetry and color. Her books are available locally at Malaprops, Montreat Store, Mountain Made, Wrinkled Egg, Kanuga Conference Center Gifts and on Amazon.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker