Poetry: “Garlic Moons”

| By Teegan C |

Summer begins with lettuce
seeds strewn:
      bent around a belly.


Later, when the persimmon tree has grown heavy,
   has dropped her hot coals to smolder;

When the stones have been spit,
stepped on    &
sink,    holding resurrection in its entirety;

You and I sit
chests pressed readying holes
in a crazed radius.

Summer ends with garlic ‘s
   pungent moons
cracked into crescents & released
into black earth,
      rooting wildly for warmth.


When you wake
I pull the frosty moons of your
   hands   clove by clove
through sleeves you will outgrow
      as you
root wildly for warmth
under my sweaters.

Bare to each other
like       undug roots
   you bloom out-of-season, my
   fat milkflower .

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker