WNC Woman Presents: Life IS Mastery

WNC Woman is proud to present LIFE IS MASTERY

On November 7th  WNC Woman launched our new series of workshops:  Life IS Mastery. There was an excellent turnout and we received wonderful feed back from many of the women that attended. We even had four men! Sandra Grace presented a segment on Goal Setting, Sherri McLendon led the Mastermind Groups and Kristine Madera facilitated Networking.

We created Life Is Mastery to Inspire women in our community to live the lives they desire and live lives they love by having the courage to be authentic. Our desire is to bring topics and speakers that will Inform  and Inspire participants to ask themselves the deeper questions that allow them to make well-informed factual choices. It is the choices we make that create our lives. During the next nine months we want to ask you to Entertain the possibilities of making different choices because you choose to come to these events with an open heart and an open mind. Our greatest desire is to create an environment in which the women in our WNC Communities come to Connect. Jim Rhone famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. This relates to the law of averages, which is the theory that the result of any given situation will be the average of all outcomes. When it comes to relationships, we are greatly influenced by those with whom we spend our time. It affects our way of thinking; it affects our self-esteem, and our decisions. I believe this also is true in the events we choose to invest our time in attending.

January 5, 2016, WNC Woman will present the next installment of our ongoing “Life IS Mastery” series. We present this series (which will continue monthly throughout 2016) from the belief that if we can begin to achieve mastery in the things most important to us we can live more balanced, prosperous and fulfilled lives.

MasteryAdForJanuaryWEB—The seminar will be divided into three segments. Each month there will be a different Key Note presentation on a specific area of Mastery (from business, to relationships, to money, to health, etc.). November will be taking 100% Responsibility and Goal Setting.

—Segment Two will always be a Mastermind exercise.

—Segment Three will always be networking with a purpose.


January’s Class:

“How Money Works”
Presented by Dawn Starks from Starks Financial Group.  Starks Financial specializes in retirement plans and college financial planning.  To develop your financial plan, they follow a comprehensive, six-step process developed by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.  They are team-based with a high level of personal service.  They are a small, independent, personalized financial planning and investment management company;  yet, they also have the backing of a leading international financial firm that offers the research, support and client service that has been recognized industry wide.

Here is what Dawn Starks says about the class she will offer for January:
How does money work?  What does money really mean?  In the classic book, “Your Money or Your Life,” Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin created an “aha” moment for many others and myself.  Money represents life energy.   Let’s say you make $10 per hour.  When you buy that shirt you can’t live without for $40, is it really worth four hours of your life’s energy?  Would thinking about money in this manner cause you to spend it differently?  In this session, we will pick apart this philosophy and determine how you can use the exercises contained in the book to your best advantage. We will discuss practical concerns about how we view our money, why money is so important in our society, and what some people do to work around this albatross we call money.

Goal Setting • Mastermind • Networking

January 5th, 2016
From 5:30 p.m. till 9 p.m.
at The Asheville Event Center
291 Sweeten Creek Rd. Asheville

Dinner will be served & vendor tables are available



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