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From the first massage Jill Fieldman gave to the ones she gives now, she has developed her own style. For me, the feeling was like a moving ocean, or sweeping mountains. Her steady, rolling, body manipulation was both soothing and restorative. Offering a variety of styles at Vitality Holistic Center – Swedish, deep tissue, motherhood, hot stones, immuno and seaweed wrap – Jill consistently looks for ways to bring peace to the mind and body of her client.

Jill Fieldman of Vitality Holistic Center

Jill Fieldman of Vitality Holistic Center

Jill wants to get to the bottom of whatever is problematic in order to create holistic wellness. She explains that it often takes time to obtain better health. One massage will not heal a longstanding issue. A client will likely feel better after one massage, but ideally it needs to be an ongoing part of a wellness routine. Jill practices what she teaches and takes care of her own health by receiving a massage every two weeks. She listens to what her body needs, and also uses herbs and essential oils for self-care. To acknowledge the importance of consistent therapeutic massage, Jill offers special packages for ongoing massage treatments. She often says, “Choose to be well; Choose Massage.”

It’s important for Jill to see good results for her clients. One client, for example, had several challenges, including a pacemaker, stroke, and a severe car accident, leaving the left part of her body frozen and unable to move. Jill worked with her to get the muscle memory back. The client also had a delay in hearing, comprehending, and then taking action, and was going to a physical therapist. All involved were amazed at the results after two months of Jill working with her on a regular basis, helping her regain movement and eliminate pain. Jill also appreciates collaborating with Chiropractors, and often sees people with rotator cuff, lower back, and sciatica injuries. One of Jill’s favorite compliments is having a client come back because they recognize she made such a difference.

Every massage therapist is as different as each client. Caring for people who are experiencing pain, anxiety, stress, or ailments is Jill’s niche. Continuing her development as a great massage therapist has meant listening to her clients, their needs, and learning how to best support their health. One of the first questions Jill asks a client is, “What is your goal for this session?” Jill also believes strongly in educating her clients. As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, she plans to offer essential oils to assist with her clients’ self-care routines. Her next venture will be to make her own products. For now she is excited about combining her various skills, exploring new products, and growing professionally. All of it nourishes her passion for natural wellness, and her vision includes a larger practice and collaborating with other wellness practitioners.

Although fascinated by the clinical aspects of massage, Jill wants every client to walk away relaxed and feeling good. She is also a Reiki II Practitioner, and welcomes getting out of her comfort zone to learn new modalities, both for her own benefit and those she serves.

Jill continues getting settled into her new home, having moved here from Myrtle Beach in August 2014. Being involved in the community is important to her so she volunteers at Helios Warriors, where she is currently helping to organize a fundraiser happening on May 24th at The By Water. The move required obtaining a North Carolina Massage Therapy license, finding a home and a space for her practice, and exploring the community. Her quaint space in Montford is accessible and comfortable. The soft lights and deep red blanket add to the ambience of relaxation and healing. Jill often combines heat with her skillful touch, incorporating hot stones, heating pads, moist towels, and organic massage cream. She also uses cold therapy if that’s more appropriate and desired by her clients.

Before becoming a Massage Therapist, Jill completed a two-year program to be a Certified Holistic Practitioner. She did her massage training at Miller Motte Technical College in Myrtle Beach, finishing in 2013, and is excited to incorporate her skills in both arenas. She first recognized the power of massage during her training, when clients would give positive feedback, and this gave here the confidence to develop her own style.

To learn more about Jill Fieldman and her work, or about massage therapy, please visit her website,, or her Facebook page. She also writes a blog on her website with great information about restoring balance and discovering wellness through holistic methods. Vitality Holistic Center is located at 8 Magnolia Avenue, Asheville, NC, 28801; 843-450-7301.

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