Meet Our Advertisers: Rev. Sandra Gelinas and the Akashic Records Integration Process

— By Rev. Louisa Dyer —

In the 1980s, Sandra Gelinas lived in Australia and was a successful naturopath. One day a biography of Edgar Cayce literally fell off a library shelf at her feet, so she read it. Upon finishing the book about Cayce and his Akashic Record readings, she thought, “I’d love to open my clients’ Records to find out what remedies they need!” About 30 years later in Asheville NC, Sandra did indeed learn to access the Records.

Rev. Sandra Gelinas

Rev. Sandra Gelinas

Perhaps you are wondering what “Akashic Records” actually means. Sandra answers the question like this: “The Records are an energetic database of all your soul has experienced throughout all its many lifetimes. Every thought, word, deed, intention, and emotion is included.”

The purpose of accessing this database is to get your questions answered about any area of life, and to facilitate healing and forward movement. Sandra invites clients to come with thoughtfully prepared, written questions sorted into three or four topics. She says, “The more you invest in defining the areas where you choose improvement, the more you will receive.

“I invite clients to join me in their Records. This is a co-creative process. Yes, answers are received, but our more important focus (which I think differentiates how I work and teach) is to receive uniquely appropriate tools and processes from the Records (Divine Direct Actions) so clients can change old patterns, beliefs, fears, vows, etc. When information is combined with Divine Direct Actions, clients create their own transformation. They make changes related to their past… where perhaps they were victims, or perpetrators, in this lifetime or others. When that is cleared the dynamic no longer exists, and thus you change your life.

“The Records may recommend homework, such as our Prayer of Forgiveness, a ceremony, or specific affirmations. The most beautiful thing is when a client actively participates in their healing with the Records. After an hour or 90 minutes, clients feel complete and I close their Records with gratitude for all that transpired.”

Sandra grew up in Saudi Arabia due to her father’s work, and then lived in Australia for 22 years before returning to the U.S. so her sons could have an American university experience. After they graduated, Sandra and her husband moved to Hendersonville. Shortly afterward, she heard about someone coming to Asheville to teach the Akashic Records and knew it was finally time to follow the lead from Edgar Cayce’s book. In October 2004, she learned to open her own Records and the following March, how to open the Akashic Records for other people.

And then something totally unexpected happened. “While repeating an Akashic workshop with one of my original teachers,” Sandra told me, “I took him aside and shared that I was getting information from my Records that I was supposed to be teaching others to access their Records. He confirmed it, saying, ‘Yes! I wondered when you were finally going to listen!’

“Well, this was all news to me. Shortly after I returned home, one of my Akashic study buddies, Nancy Ring from Charlotte, called to tell me, ‘My Records are encouraging me to teach others about the Records.’ When I told her mine were too, we decided to explore it together.”

However, just before their teacher training, both women realized the method they were learning wasn’t the way for them. Their Records encouraged them to bring forth an entirely new way to access the Akashic Records – one that was free of gender bias and religious beliefs.

Then a third member of their study group, Chanda Berlatsky from Sedona, contacted them saying she’d received similar information. In 2005 the three began weekly conference calls, spending mornings in their Records working on themselves, breaking for lunch, then in the afternoon bringing forth original material from the Records about a new way to access and work in the Akashic field. After months of preparation, they asked for and received the “Akashic Records Integration Process.” How to teach it followed. Their first training in 2007 was received with enthusiasm and several graduates asked to learn to access the Records of others.

The alliance of three women still meets regularly, and Sandra says their work and training continue to evolve. “It hasn’t always been an easy process, but it has been extremely rewarding.” They now offer two training units: Module A, where participants learn to access and explore their personal Records, create questions, journal answers, and facilitate the healing they desire, guided by Divine Direct Action; and Module B, where graduates of Module A are trained to professionally access the Records of other people, places, and things.

As the number of graduates has steadily grown, an active Akashic spiritual community has as well. Graduates frequently choose to combine Records work with a variety of wellness practices, such as massage, counseling, and Inception Point Therapy®.

Sandra laughingly states, “I now understand why I had to wait so long before learning to access the Records. Back then with two young children and a thriving career, I was too distracted to embrace this knowledge as deeply as I have now. I also needed to find my two Akashic partners.

“It’s interesting how some get everything they need and/or want from one Akashic session. Others quickly realize how useful this modality can be on a regular basis. They may contact me whenever thorny issues come up about relationships, career, health, spiritual growth, or whatever creates pain or confusion in their lives. Or they may learn how to open their own Records with the Akashic Records Integration Process!”

Rev. Sandra Gelinas’ next Module A training is April 25-26 in Hendersonville, NC and you are invited! These two full days are preceded by an individual session with Sandra, and followed by structured, ongoing support with her and your Akashic classmates. On Sandra’s website, you may notice the many modalities she has trained in to better serve. All I will say is that she is a bright light shining in my mountains!

For more information about Rev. Sandra Gelinas and her work, including individual sessions, visit her website:

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