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How to Craft Landing Pages that Expand Your Potential to Serve in 2015

Learn how programs make it onto the page, off the ground, and into the hands of ideal clients. Columnist Sherri L. McLendon, M.A., shares what to write in “10 Essential Questions That Land Your Offer.”

Unmarked as fresh snowfall, the New Year 2015 lies before us, expansive and bright. The earth rests beneath the blanket of winter, and beginnings we cannot see are unfolding around us. Renewal is the message we receive from the divine feminine during this time, and as spiritually-rich women fulfilling their mission in life as entrepreneurs, it’s also a time when we dream of creating tantalizing new opportunities to share our expertise.

Getting our programs on the page, off the ground, and into the hands of our ideal clients involves four consecutive steps or phases: compel, convert, launch, and close. A program is your personal plan of action for helping a client reach a solution to a situation-specific problem in a clear, step-by-step process that gets results.

To compel clients to say “yes” to the exciting new work we’re bringing in, we need to identify something the client wants or needs. Then, we share our solution to their dilemma through a compelling message – one that speaks directly to their hearts. The solution offered develops into the footprint of the program we choose to deliver, in clear measurable steps, over a specific period of time. But today, let’s focus on putting our landing pages to work by delivering that compelling message so that it converts our warm connections into our ideal clients.

A landing page, sometimes called a “squeeze” page, is a unique web page on a website. Personally, I prefer to call these “hug” pages, as conscious entrepreneurs prefer affirmation when building relationships. The featured offer on that page captures a potential ideal client’s information through an opt-in form in exchange for access to valuable content. You’re welcome to visit www.professionalmoneta.com/gifts and download mine.

Yes, there is a secret formula for landing pages which involves eight steps. These steps, coined by Sue Painter, The Confident Marketer, are:

1. Enticement
2. Why You?
3. Problem/Mistakes
4. Solution – The Secret Revealed
5. Steps to Realize the Solution
6. Proof
7. Summation
8. Call to Action

This format is an excellent, cookie-cutter, land-it-solidly every time approach. But for those who are truly creative writers, it’s perfectly fine to craft a dynamic landing page any way you like, so long as it works. To that end, this list was crafted for one of my clients whose personal voice needed more development for his uniqueness to come through on the page.

I offer my personal “10 Essential Questions That Land Your Offer” to help budding entrepreneurs feel more secure when making their fabulous offers.

1. What’s going to entice the ideal client? That goes first.

2. Why me? Up front, the client needs to know if the product or program is the right fit for them. So we tell them.

3. What is the problem the client is facing, or the mistake they’re making? Speak into their pain points.

4. What is the solution? The solution is something they wish they had, but currently do not know. You hold the secret. Share the secret of your solution with them.

5. What are the top benefits they could experience if they do this work? Those go next.

6. What are the steps needed to realize the solution? Go with an odd number.

7. Give some proof the solution will work. This proof may be a personal story or testimonials.

8. Summation – In a single sentence, remind them again of their problem, and your solution.

9. The Call to Action tells the client what they need to do to get this solution from the facilitator. This could be a button, an email address, or a direct request. When it comes to adding the link, simple is good.

10. Last, ask a rhetorical question, one to which the answer is “yes.” “Don’t you agree that…” is a great way to begin.

Crafting a landing page that reflects your voice, authenticity and desire to be of service is a great way to launch in 2015. May abundant blessings be yours in the bright, shining days ahead.

Sherri L. McLendon

Sherri L. McLendon

Sherri L. McLendon, M.A., is a recognized feminine business leader, marketing public relations practitioner and content strategist with Professional Moneta International. Download her “Top 10 Ways in 10 Days to Bloom and Grow Your Conscious Business,” a free jumpstart guide for conscious female entrepreneurs, through Jan. 31.

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