Women, Spirit & Money: Vocation Motivation - Top Ten Objectives for Spirit-Led Women Determined to Fulfill Their Calling


By Sherri L. McLendon


When women nurturing change answer their higher callings, they’re often asked by Spirit to broaden their perception of what’s possible. In these instances, they find themselves at the intersection between their personal money mindset and the grail of professional growth. Sometimes, we have to get out of our own ways before we can manifest the life of our heart’s desire.


That’s why, for those of us who see manifestation as part of their spiritual path, I offer these ten objectives which top my personal list when coaching spirit-led women determined to fulfill their mission and answer their calling:


1. To Heal Our Family Money Legacy


Too often, the mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs we carry about money are inherited from someone else. To shift these outmoded beliefs that no longer serve us, we have to first listen to our inner critic, then forgive ourselves for entering into these contracts with others. Finally, we may create a new personal power belief that moves us forward.


2. To Build a Relationship with Money for the Future


The choices we make right now determine the outcomes of our future, much as the debts we may be paying off represent choices we’ve made in the past. We are called to crystalline clearness about the life we want in the future, and the need to align our actions with our intentions. When we build a relationship with money for the future based on abundance rather than lack, we are sourcing from our own divine feminine. As we build our future, so we create the foundations for new economy in generations yet to come.


3. To Hold Our Selves Action-able


As feminine leaders in our own businesses, we must hold ourselves powerful beyond measure by taking direct actions: picking up the phone, following up after a networking meeting, or acquiring a skill. When we hold ourselves actionable, we find that our heart’s desire is attracted to us more quickly and with greater results.


4. To Hold Our Selves Account-able


Accountability to ourselves or to a partner on the journey keeps us on the path, taking those actions that move us forward. If we are not accountable, there is no reason to stay the course when the going gets rough. When we hold ourselves accountable, it becomes possible to meet our goals and realize our dreams.


5. To Overcome the Marginalization of Women in Money Culture


There’s no denying that women are socially, legally, and historically marginalized from money culture. To nullify this discrepancy on the basis of our gender, we have to be willing to speak into our true value and worth, command respect on our own terms, and stand for equality in matters of money. Some of us may be called to within the women’s movement or to address the issues we feel may change outcomes for the collective. Others of us may educate ourselves about the language, customs and norms associated with money. Whatever our choices, we each have a responsibility to do our part in overcoming the marginalization of women in money culture, and to model empowerment instead.


6. To Cultivate Mindfulness in Matters of Money


When we cultivate mindfulness in matters of money, we are able to release fear-based behaviors associated with grasping or greed, and to form habits associated with the formation of true wealth.


7. To Claim Our Feminine Power with Money


From working with the ancient Roman Money goddess Moneta, to exploring the mind-body connection, to examinations of the current patriarchal economic system, we owe it to ourselves to claim our rightful feminine power in matters of money. The archetypes of debt and prosperity are intrinsically embedded in our culture; dusting those off and taking a second look can open new understandings leading to powerful money breakthroughs.


8. To Move from Habitual to Ritual


Creating and cultivating a sacred relationship with money as a form of conscious reciprocity for the expenditure of our own life force energy allows us to move from forming the habits of wealth to living a rich life full of spirit and purpose.


9. To Make Money’s Creative Potential a Priority


When we prioritize the creative potential of money in our lives, it becomes possible to manifest more than we need so that we can help others, create and live the life we really want, and exercise our rights of autonomy and choice. How would your life be different if you made money a creative priority?


10. To Honor the Feminine Cycles of Money


Each year, I plan my business around the feminine cycles of the moon, which mirror so beautifully my own womanly cycles. When planning, these cycles help me pay attention to periods of waxing and waning, to my place in the universe. To honor the feminine cycles of money offers the gift of perspective – as well as inner and outer growth.


Working with these ten objectives over time allows space to cycle between spells of personal and professional expansion and reflection. As our inner world and outer reality unfold, we learn to break through our personal money ceilings, become a leader in our own lives, and to look at money without negative emotional charge. We cease to be victims of money and lack, instead improving our personal and professional outcomes.


Money demons faced and defeated help us understand the strengths that lie at our cores, and it becomes possible to make decisions to create the lives we want. New habits help us set and reach personal money goals, and we’re able to integrate mindfulness practices in order to find peace as we make decisions and implement our plans.


When women, nurturing change in our businesses and lives, know how to work with the feminine cycles of money and abundance, we move powerfully and decisively from survive into thrive.



Sherri L. McLendon

Sherri L. McLendon

Sherri L. McLendon, MA, is a conscious business coach and marketing public relations strategist with Professional Moneta International, Weaverville. She is currently writing a book, “From Zero to Shero: How to Start from Behind, Get Ahead, and End Up a Winner in Your Business,” based on her own successes as an online global entrepreneur.



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