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By Roberta Binder


He Listened to His Inner Voice …


Running in the fast lane, an excellent career with a Fortune 500 company, managing a 50 member team of employees, traveling all over the country, BA, MBA, single man about town, athletic, training for the New York Marathon, and yet in the background was this little voice repeating, “There is another career waiting for you.” It took two years and two extremely dramatic and positive experiences in a chiropractic office for that voice to be heard.


Dr. Reilly with the MagneSphere

Dr. Reilly with the MagneSphere

After careful research into chiropractic schools, Ed Reilly selected Life University of Chiropractic in Atlanta. He gave two weeks notice at work, sold all his belongings and found himself, in his mid-thirties, sharing an apartment with a 21-year-old who was two years ahead of him in the school, wondering if he could pass the early courses in organic chemistry.


Four years later in 1996, Dr. Ed Reilly was ready to open the doors to a dramatically new life. He met a lady during his studies at Life who would become his wife. The two planned to open a practice together in the north where they both were originally from. Once again fate, in the form of a blizzard, got in the way of that decision and they re-considered, deciding the Asheville area was a far better choice. Fairview became home and where they opened Fairview Chiropractic Center together in 1998. They continued as partners in the office until children came along and they made the decision for Dr. Adrina Reilly to transfer her attentions to the home front and raising children. They now have two active teenagers.


To this day Dr. Reilly states, “I believe that there was a predestined higher calling quietly leading me to what I call ministry, serving patients who appreciate the caring work our entire Center team provides at Fairview Chiropractic.” On the Center’s walls you will witness a display of awards for community service and a bulletin board of positive patient testimonials expressing appreciation that confirm gratitude that he listened to ‘the calling.’


What can you expect to experience at Fairview Chiropractic? Let’s start at the beginning. Education is on-going, spinal screening to help you understand the importance of spinal health and stress reduction through onsite X-ray, with the additional benefit of computerized feet/posture/muscle evaluations. The office specializes in gentle adjustments and treats patients including babies right through to seniors.


Additional specialized offerings include spinal decompression traction therapy for leading edge non-surgical treatment for disc issues. Advanced Class 3 and Class 4 lasers provide positive pain relief and rapid healing. (I experienced the work of laser therapy when a big toe with three breaks would have resulted in pins and much more pain in the usual orthopedic surgery route. Laser therapy did the job neatly and quickly.)


The office is well known for working with Neuropathy Relief Protocol. It utilizes lasers, electrotherapy, and nutrition education with great success. “Neuropathy is often the result of diabetes manifesting in numbness of the feet and a feeling of being off balance, however there are many additional causes,” Dr. Reilly explains.


Neuropathy can be rooted in:


• Circulatory causes which are treated with Advanced Light Therapy Class 3 Laser.
• Electrical System imbalances, which utilize Advanced Electro Therapy.
• Inflammatory causes, where Advanced Laser, Class 4 will be called into use.
• Compressive causes will utilize Neurological Decompression Advanced Traction.


“Our office offers the most advanced therapy available for Neuropathy patients and has an excellent result record,” he concludes.


Dr. Reilly does not step into anything lightly; most recently he listened to several patients telling him about Magnetic Resonance Therapy: MagneSphere. He listened and researched, called many doctors who were using the MagneSphere in their practices and heard nothing but positive results. He found there are only 36 units of this sophisticated equipment in the world.


Always looking for ways to advance patient health and promote and provide optimum health and healing opportunities, he decided the MagneSphere was a positive addition to the Center. “I want to be clear that the MagneSphere is not approved by the FDA for medical treatment. However, we have seen through the relaxation release that it opens doors for healing to begin. The equipment is FDA classified as a Class I medical device.” More information on the MagneSphere can be found on the Center’s website along with a series of patient experience videos.


With a strong commitment to community outreach, each year the Center selects three local WNC charities and sets goals for giving. This year the recipients will be: Food for Fairview, ABCCM, and the local community garden Lord’s Acre. With an active patient education program, regional and expert speakers who provide in-house seminars are requested to donate their fee to the Center’s charities. Patients can also support outreach through the annual food drive during the end of the year or with financial donations. The Center supports our Veterans through a program that provides free care for one Vet for a month.


Dr. Reilly continues to be an active sports enthusiast and with his Sports Chiropractic training reaches out to local school teams to support athlete’s physical structure health. He donates one day a week of his time.


Additionally, Dr. Reilly is a noted speaker throughout Western North Carolina, presenting hundreds of programs on Wellness and Safety, Nutrition, Kids programs, the Benefits of Decompression Traction, Laser Education and Lectures to Professionals to educate on the intricacies of chiropractic and its benefits. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the NC Chiropractic Association and is proud to have been nominated Doctor of the Year – NCCA 2013.


Husband, father, chiropractor, Dr. Reilly never loses sight of the gratitude he has for the many doors that opened as he listened to the call of the “voice in my head that kept repeating there is something more waiting for you.”


For more information contact Fairview Chiropractic Center located at 2 Fairview Hills Drive; 828-628-7800; Website, Dr. Edward G. Reilly, BA, MBA, DC, is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) Fellow, International Academy of Medical Acupuncture.



Roberta Binder, Facilitating Clarity through Mindful Editing Keeping the Author’s Voice, Always at She is also a writer and photo-journalist who enjoys all of her writing adventures with WNC Woman – Women Nurturing Change.


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