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By Sandi Tomlin-Sutker


This month’s editorial will be a bit shorter than normal. I have had a death in my family, just on the last day or two of preparing the April issue for the printer. It was an expected passing but nonetheless it is a sad time of loss for my family and the family of my brother-in-law; most especially for my sister.


As someone once said (and has been quoted often) “Life is short, east dessert first.”


Isn’t it the truth?


Sandi Tomlin-Sutker   Email: editor@wncwoman.com

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Email: editor@wncwoman.com

And food, this month’s theme, will figure greatly in the next few days as we mourn the loss and celebrate the person who has left his body but is still so present in spirit. Food is a part of life that unites us (and, of course, can separate us). I know my sister’s kitchen in Georgia will be filled by visitors with casseroles, homemade biscuits, fried chicken, potato salad, banana bread, various cakes … all those traditional dishes that create a sense of love and home and unity.


In this issue you will read about the various ways we look at and utilize food. As medicine, as cultural bonding and continuity, as political statement, as means of creating happiness, as communication … so much more than simply taste or even creating physical well-being.


In the article, Food as Medicine, the author, Veena Somani, offers a yummy sounding recipe for sweet potato curry. In Food for Thought, Sandy McCall has created a gluten-free, dairy-free, sweetner-free strawberry tart that I can testify is delicious. (Editors get to “test” more than just words!)


Lavinia Plonka takes her usual quirky look at food; this time envisioning a psychological view of food in a marital relationship; while Judith Toy takes us through a mindful (and mind-blowing) tasting of some green beans.


And as always, I’m happy to present a range of other informative and inspiring articles from our regular and some new writers: a profile of the Dandelion Restuarant in Hendersonville that offers job training to victims of domestic violence so they can be free of the abuse; a profile of Mike’s on Main in H’ville (a place that wants to make you happy!); another Mad Mountain Mud Run coming up where you can play in the mud all you want!


We’ve also got reading suggestions for a range of Pet Care issues; some good news about an agency working to prevent Child Abuse in our region; Peggy Ratusz’ rich music column; Mary Ickes’ review of a new book by prolific writer Sarah Addison Allen … and more.


Some columns are missing this month but will return in May… it was a challenging winter in many ways.
Do Enjoy and write to me with your thoughts.


~ Sandi

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker