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By Sandi Tomlin-Sutker


As I write this month’s column on a glorious Saturday the weather is clear, sunny, and in the mid-60s… and I noticed that First Breath of Spring (Lonicera Fragrantisima) is ready to burst open in my yard! But the forecast is for steady cooler temps till next Wednesday when we’ll likely get a light snow again. Ah, spring in the mountains… gotta love it.


Sandi Tomlin-Sutker   Email: editor@wncwoman.com

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Email: editor@wncwoman.com

This month’s issue is so full of amazing women doing the work they love and that gives meaning to their lives… and offers so much to their communities as well.


Women work in a variety of roles and situations from the stay-at-home mom to the CEO of a large corporation. Often they are healers; they may manage their own business or work as the “right-hand woman” for that business owner; they may consult or advise or counsel; perhaps their work is political in nature, or educational or creative.


We begin this month’s issue with Work as Emotional Healing describing the role of Peer Support Specialist Rebecca Hunnicutt. This cutting-edge work offers hope to those with mental health and addiction issues.
“Work” is Art for RoseLynn Katz, as she “walks into” the life of Golda Meir.


The work of Healer is a life-long commitment for women such as Dr. Veena Somani of Integrative Family Medicine; Janet Bull, MD and Joyce Mason, RN of Four Seasons Hospice (along with Callie Walston who helps publicize the important work they do there); and Faith Grieger who, through her Past Life Regression work helps support the healing of long-standing trauma.


You’ll also meet three of our advertisers who offer healing as their life’s work: Dawn Rouse of Perfect Balance Physical Therapy; Jane Smolnik of Ultimate Healing; and Cheryl Sullivan of Inception Point Therapy.


Education is one of the more vital roles women play. You’ll read about the ladies at Colburn Gem Museum and how they work to bring higher “science literacy” to the children of our region.


When it comes to business, you’ll learn about SCORE, a local all-volunteer organization that offers free business education classes, networking opportunities and more.


Of course two of our regular columnists, Saralyn Collins and Sherri McLendon, offer monthly insight into ways of enhancing your business and work. In addition, Sherri profiles local entrepreneur Kelly Wade who presents ways to innovate and collaborate.


Looking at the subject of women’s work certainly brings up the subject of wages and Arlene Winkler makes a strong argument that the Minimum Wage is a women’s issue.


Bouquet: illustration by Dana Irwin. Cover art for A Friend in Grief by Ginny Callaway.

Bouquet: illustration by Dana Irwin. Cover art for A Friend in Grief by Ginny Callaway.

And when it comes to working, or looking for work, the subject of clothing—the “Dress for Success” idea—is highly relevant. Sandie Rhodes brings us insight into the role of Goodwill Industries in helping women with job training as well as affordable, professional clothing.


Finally, there is an underground type of work that literally enslaves millions of girls and women around the world. Read about the work being done to mitigate and educate and rescue the victims.. and the ironic upcoming fundraiser to support this work.


Mary Ickes’ book reviews this month are also about working women: those who serve in the military and often pay a high price when they come home.


Our regular columnists are here, of course, with their insights, information, humor and wisdom.


As always, I hope you enjoy and I love to hear from you about what you think and would like to see in future.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker