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By Celia Wagner


“People come to physical therapy because they are in pain, can’t move joints properly, or both. You want answers about the causes and how to get back to enjoying life. We believe we can help. if you have aches and pains In your joints (back, shoulder, hip, knee, etc) from injuries or medical conditions such as arthritis, this can affect your daily life. Don’t spend another moment in discomfort, suffering silently as your pain worsens.”


Dawn Rouse

Dawn Rouse

Dawn Rouse, owner of Perfect Balance Physical Therapy, always knew that she wanted to help people. Growing up in Louisiana, she had a sense of purpose early on that she would end up in the medical field. As a physical therapist she works to help people every day in one of her two offices, located in Asheville and Brevard.


When Dawn began her practice after graduation from Louisiana State University, she moved to Tennessee. It was there that she fell in love with the mountains. When a friend asked her to move back to Louisiana and help start a practice there, she went. She quickly realized that Louisiana didn’t feel like home anymore, and made plans to return to the mountains, settling in Asheville 11 years ago.


She didn’t start out to own a practice, having had previous experience with a large corporation which she felt was too impersonal and rushed when it came to patient care. There was also too much emphasis placed on who had insurance and who didn’t, and patients were treated differently according to that criteria. It wasn’t how she wanted things to be, so she knew that she had to establish her own business and her own guidelines for care.
Since that time, she has worked very hard to create the type of practice that she feels suits the needs of her patients. At Perfect Balance Physical Therapy, all twelve therapists share the same philosophy. Helping people is their highest priority, and all staff there are hired with the same goal in mind. The patient’s return to full function, or full wellness, is what everyone in the practice works toward. Education is a big part of what goes on in Physical Therapy, to help the patient get back to where they should be in life, with no interference from disabling pain or injury.


Dawn believes that there is “an art” to hiring people who work so well together. She has become an expert at finding people who fit together well, and compliment each other professionally. She maintains the highest standards, while at the same time keeping a warm and friendly relationship between staff members and patients. Each patient receives a full hour of treatment, which is very unusual in the field. The therapists are not rushed, and the amount of time they spend with each patient is not dictated by a corporation, but by the needs of the individual. In addition, she hires therapists that specialize in specific areas of the body, and therefore can provide a higher level of expertise geared to the patient’s specific therapy needs.


Dawn is very proud of the fact that her practice keeps up with the latest technologies available for Physical Therapy. In order to meet a growing demand, the practice has expanded into the field of Aquatic Physical Therapy, and has hired individuals trained specifically in that field. The Brevard office is proud to operate the only underwater treadmill in WNC.


Perfect Balance Physical Therapy offers a wide range of treatment modalities in addition to Aquatic Physical Therapy. Dry Needling, a form of intramuscular therapy using acupuncture needles, can be used to treat pain disorders. Women’s health issues can also be addressed through physical therapy. Fibromyalgia, incontinence, and a variety of other issues can be treated through the use of physical therapy and muscle training. Children can also be treated, either in the office or at home, for conditions such as Autism, ADD, ADHD, orthopedic and sports injuries.


Massage is a form of Physical Therapy that can be used to improve the lives and health of patients. Through massage, stress levels can be reduced, and injuries due to repetitive stress, physical labor, or sports can be healed. Occupational Therapy is another important method to improve the health of patients. Through a series of tasks or motions, using hands-on techniques, patients with a wide variety of conditions can see improvement in their daily quality of life.


The Migun Massage Bed is another tool in the arsenal of the therapists at Perfect Balance. Use of this bed combines the best of Asian and Western medical techniques and can be used to help ease chronic pain in patients with a variety of physical and neurological issues. There are also therapies for low back pain, hand injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, vestibular and neurological rehab, and wellness programs designed specifically for seniors. Each of these therapies is administered by a professional trained to work on that specific issue, and area of the body.


This comprehensive list of Physical Therapy techniques and treatments is available to patients and will be tailored to meet the needs of each individual. No two people have exactly the same pain, so therefore no two remedies are exactly the same either. This is not a cookie cutter approach to wellness, but a highly specialized one with therapists who truly care about what they are doing. Everyone at Perfect Balance wants to see the best possible outcome for every patient that comes through their doors.


Perfect Balance Physical Therapy has two locations:


245 Rosman Hwy.
Brevard, NC 28712




133 Weaverville Hwy. #4
Asheville, NC 28804



Celia Wagner is a freelance writer living in Swannanoa. She has been in the area two and a half years. She enjoys reading, writing, and spending as much time as possible outdoors in our beautiful WNC mountains.


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Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker