A Curious Mind Looks At Past-Life Regression, Part Two


By Angela Fordice Jordan and Faith Grieger


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Angela speaks:


“5, 4, 3, 2, 1. . . . You’re in a long hallway with doors on either side. Notice the floor.” It is carpeted - purple, with a pattern of some sort. “Stop in front of a door. You’ll choose the right one.” It’s a red door, metal. “Open the door and step inside.” I do and I’m in another life, in another body and a new adventure begins.


DragonflyThis was the beginning of my Life-Between-Lives (LBL) session with Faith Grieger, Master Hypnotherapist, Past Life and LBL therapist certified by the Michael Newton Institute. Weeks earlier, we’d done a Past Life Regression and I’d arrived on this day, full of excitement and wonder, ready to go deeper into this journey that Faith and I had embarked upon together.


We began this session, just like the PLR a few weeks before. I was ensconced in Faith’s soft, white cocoon-like space at Point Health Collective, in West Asheville. This time however, she took me back to my mother’s womb. Warm, comforting, I floated in a space almost too small for me, faintly hearing the voices of my parents, knowing that they were giddy with anticipation of my arrival, knowing how much I was loved and wanted. . . This was only a pit stop along the way though. Next she took me back to my most recent life - the one just prior to this current one.


This incarnation as a female called Jere, was lived out entirely in a small town in Wisconsin in the early part of the 20th century. It was a lonely life for me. And bleak. I died alone in a cold white-tiled hospital as a young woman. I was the only child of an unhappy couple neither of whom I recognized as soul companions.
I must say that I had wished for a remembrance of a life more. . . how shall I say it? Sexy? Exciting? This one was almost grim. Boring, sad, uneventful, joyless.


Faith speaks:


As much as we’d like to experience colorful past lives we don’t get to choose where we’ll go during the session. Our soul and our guides determine the most valuable for us in terms of deepening a level of understanding relating to our current life. Often times we’re shown unhappy lives to release the source of unhappiness which recharges our life now. The point was to help Angela see where she used avoidance as an escape mechanism for feeling her emotions. She was reminded that suppressing feelings is a waste of time and she’ll be more alive if she simply allows them…we are here to be fully and completely alive. We are also here to learn and grow and souls take that so seriously sometimes we choose lives that are anything but easy knowing that as humans we take what comes easily for granted and are prouder of our hard won accomplishments.


Angela speaks:


The next stop on our journey was something else again! Faith took me through my death as Jere. Alone, tired and resigned to the futility of that life, I was ready to go, so it was as effortless as the death I’d experienced in our last PLR session. I simply rose from my body, lingered for a moment near the ceiling and then felt myself whisked away and transported to another place. And what a beautiful place this was! I felt like Dorothy, delivered from dreary Kansas to Oz - colorful, vibrant, real! This place was alive, it pulsed with life! I stood transfixed as dozens of sparkly orbs of light approached and enveloped me. It’s difficult, still, to find the words to describe how this felt. . . . I knew these orbs. I recognized them. Their essence. People I had known in this current life. Beloveds. All of whom are dead and lost to me. Or so I thought. I was completely infused with an indescribable feeling of effervescent well-being, of alrightness, of Love. I was Home. And I knew it. One of these orbs slowly coalesced into a form more human, more recognizable, but still pure golden light. It was my mother. Before she died we had talked about having a sign. Something that she could use to let me know that everything was okay and safe and well on the other side, but she died before we settled on anything. This was a big sorrow for me, but now she was standing in front of me, shining golden, gorgeous, obviously well and safe and she said, “Dragonflies. Watch for dragonflies. You’ve always known it. They’ve always been with you and always will be.” And she was right. I had always known this. And now whenever they come to me, it’s like a conspiratorial wink from my mom. She stayed for a long time. Faith and I both spoke with her. She told me about her role there in the Soul World and about my father’s role and I was comforted beyond measure. My father, she said, worked with animals! He was an avid hunter in this life and had been to Africa many times to bag big game, as well as the deer, ducks and quail that he killed here. Others spoke with me as well, and I didn’t need faces or voices to recognize them. I knew their energetic essence as they somehow blended with mine.


A guide soon stepped forward from the place on the periphery where he’d been waiting. I recognized him at once, in the same way I had the others. Our reunion was marked by joy, relief and a profound sense of homecoming. He took me to a garden where I was cleansed of all the flotsam and jetsam of the past life in something like a light shower. Beams of light washing over me. I have never experienced such a feeling of clean, weightless, joy! We spent what felt like hours after that, in the beautiful garden, my head resting on his shoulder, absorbing his love, his courage, his strength. I was so glad to be Home!


I was told that there are many beings who are charged with overseeing my development. He told me that this is so for everyone. We are all watched over and cared for by loving beings!


This guide’s name is Cordylion and he appeared to me as a male figure with a face similar to a lion. He wore a robe-like garment and he seemed lit from within. Gold light emanated from him. Eventually I asked if I could meet any other of my guides and Cordylion glanced upward. Following his gaze, I was shocked to see huge black wings! All the voices in my head were screaming, “Run!” Then, I felt a calm overtake me as this being, who identified himself as Hram, and appeared to me as a dragon, began to speak and I listened. The ones like himself are protectors, up to a point - there is only so much that they are allowed to do - they have never taken physical form and are charged solely with assisting and protecting incarnate beings, a task that Hram dearly loves. He told me that while humans are largely unaware of his presence, he finds them endearing. “They are possessed of so much passion, will, tenacity and they have no idea how small they are.” While humans are certainly capable of savagery and cruelty, he is enchanted by our capacity for joy and hope. He says that working with humans has made him love them and he knows what Love is because of who he works for.


Ah! We had arrived at the crux of the whole matter. I asked him who it was that he worked for and he said, “There is a very big umbrella over everything. I have never seen it, but it permeates everything here.” He went on to tell me that he supports, encourages, and takes an active role in my efforts at physical and spiritual healing and that he brings his dragon ferocity to the table and shares it with me in all my endeavors. I have only to breathe in his presence and to recognize who I am.


Faith speaks:


Many times souls communicate through symbolism and imagery as Angela’s mother did saying, “Watch for dragonflies.” Dragonflies represent transformation and can be a gentle reminder to bring more lightness and joy into life. We also discovered the work both parents do in the Soul World is amazingly similar to what they were passionate about in life. Imagine the deep sense of peace Angela now feels when she thinks of her parents, knowing they’re safe, thriving… only a thought away.


We discovered her soul name and its meaning. When Cordylion…in all his radiance… stepped in for their reunion their combined bliss was a tangible energy so strong it brought tears to my eyes. Reuniting with your primary Guide is an incredible experience that lasts forever. Guides are full of grace and humor, not to mention a wealth of information of your soul’s history. They offer insights into the soul’s progress and suggestions for soul growth. Everything that happens in an LBL session is meaningful and in this case the significance of the lion face is a nod to Angela’s birth sign, Leo the Lion.


We also have secondary guides who come and go as needed to help us with special assignments and lessons. Angela was doubly honored to meet another important guide, Hram. His purpose is to serve as a protector and to share his strength as she moves forward in life. Dragons have tremendous amounts of courage and are famous for showing up in times of transformation. My little office was so full of dragon energy I had to open the window to release some of the heat!


Angela also discovered a council of three elders gathered in the Soul World ready to answer her deepest questions. These advanced beings took turns answering the questions Angela brought to the sessions from an expanded spiritual perspective. Angela was shown a visual of her soul colors and discovered how much of her soul’s energy she brought into this life and why and what her specialty is.


A profound universal message was shared at this point. “The world needs everyone to move past old woundings, shed feelings of victimization, own your own power and stand up and shine. It can’t be said enough: everyone is needed now to stand up and shine!”


It was a pleasure to be in the presence of such a beautiful soul as Angela.


Angela Speaks:


If we could only see ourselves as God does - not sinful, broken, fallen. . . but beautiful creations, pure beings of golden light, who in our human incarnations struggle to remember who we are and where we come from. Perhaps that forgetting is hard-wired into our DNA, as is the yearning to remember. . .



Faith Grieger has been involved in the healing arts for 25 years. Her specialty is spiritual regression including PLR and LBL therapy. She’s trained and certified through the Michael Newton Institute and sits on their Board of Directors. Faith also sees clients with any life challenge, including smoking cessation, weight release, stress/anxiety release, and depression. She and her husband love living in Asheville! You can find Faith hiking, camping, writing, painting, reading, and traveling every chance she gets. Email: [email protected] website: www.thelblcenterofasheville.com. Phone: 828-674-8928.


Angela Fordice Jordan is the author of We End in Joy: Memoirs of a First Daughter, published in 2012 by University Press of Mississippi. She has been a yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, Master Gardener, Montessori Teacher, Blogger and wolf rescuer - in other words, a collector of joy. She is the mother of three amazing women and lucky grandmother of two. She and her husband, Bob are immensely enjoying this incarnation together in the mountains of North Carolina. She is currently working on a novel and intends to finish it this year.


For more information on LBL you may want to read Michael Newton’s books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.


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