Organizing 202: The ABCs of Organizing – “C” Is For Crafting


By Sophia Noll


For all you crafty people here are a few ideas that will turn your craft area into a place where creativity abounds. But first please go through all of your supplies and sort items into categories so that you know what you have and what needs to be contained. If space is limited and you don’t have an entire room for your craft items then these inexpensive creative storage ideas might work for you.


Photo: Alison Headley via Flickr

Photo: Alison Headley via Flickr

Doors provide great vertical storage space –The peg rack system, the ones that have little dowels pointing outward, are great for storing ribbon, thread, tools like scissors and the like. One of my favorites is the over the door shoe organizers. The clear kinds are good because they allow you to see what’s in each compartment. If you prefer the cloth ones then you can hang a label tag from each pocket that says what’s on the inside. I have placed drinking glasses in a row of pockets and placed paint brushes, colored pencils, tubes of paint, and markers in each glass. They can hold all kinds of items… be creative! A hanging canvas shoe organizer can also double as a craft supply container/window treatment. Who knew?! Just hang a couple on a curtain rod in front of the window.


You can purchase a wire door organizer for next to nothing. Place mason jars in the top three compartments and fill them with craft items. Or you can use one of the top compartments for spools of ribbon and one compartment for pens, pencils, scissors, etc. that are placed in recycled tin cans that you’ve decorated. The lower compartment can be use for larger items like tall rolls of paper, etc.


Peg board is such a multipurpose item and can be cut to whatever size you need. If you only have a closet it can be placed on the back wall or on the backside of the closet door. You might want to give it a coat of paint to add some color. There is an assortment of hooks and containers that you can purchase to attach to the board which gives you a wide array of options for storing small embellishments to much larger items.


Swivel towel hangers that you find in the kitchen department can be attached to the wall and make great storage space for spools of ribbon.


Embroidery thread can be wrapped around wooden clothes pins and stay tangle free by placing the ends between the gripping ends of the close pin. Then place them in a jar up on a shelf.


Make use of both sides of a shelf by attaching jars to the undersides. Use your recycled glass food jars, mason jars, or you can purchase kitchen jars at a store…it just depends on your space and needs. Why not attach a towel rack below the shelf where several “S” hooks can be hung. Then hang metal buckets on them for pens, tools, etc.


Remember those old hard suitcases? They make great storage containers with a twist of nostalgia. You can fill each one with a category (scrapbooking, yarn, material, stamps, etc), tie a label to the handle and then stack them on top of each other in the closet. They can also be hidden in other areas of the house if space is limited and used as small tables. Stack two or three of them and cover with a nice table cloth and place beside a chair, couch or bed. Then just grab one when you are in the crafting mode.


Canvas aprons made for gardening tools can be hung in a closet or on a wall. They can be attached to an art table as well and hold various art supplies. And wire shower caddies aren’t just for the shower. They too can be hung in a closet to hold supplies.


Tiered pants hangers are great for hanging your fabric pieces in the closet. Closet sweater dividers that go on shelves make great spaces for fabric too.


Do you have a wine rack hanging out in the basement collecting cob webs? Hang it on the wall and fill the spaces with cylinder tubes to store felt tip pens, paint brushes, thread, or yarn.


Accordion files are excellent for storing stickers, patterned paper, paper scraps, and die cuts. They come in various sizes and can be labeled for easy access to the above items. For larger pieces of paper a clear portfolio with dividers to separate the colors is useful and easy to store.


Mobile craft carts are great and come in several designs. If you have an old end table you aren’t using you can transform it into a cart. Purchase some wheels at the hardware store and attach them to the table legs. Store craft supplies in the drawers and place markers, pens, and brushes, placed in recycled decorated cans, on the top. Then you can push it to wherever you want to have a work space.


Dressers make for great storage when space is limited. The more drawers the better! Use the deeper drawers for things like fabric, patterns, and batting. Use small plastic storage containers, small jars, and drawer dividers for the other drawers to keep items contained and neat.


Keep in mind that your supplies will likely grow so make sure there is room and storage for them before they are allowed to walk into your creative space! Don’t be afraid to hang things in unusual places. Yard sales and second hand stores are great places to find organizing items from dresser drawers to towel racks. Many everyday household items can be repurposed to hold your craft supplies. The possibilities are endless!!!



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Written by Sophia Noll