A Curious Mind Looks At Past-Life Regression, Part One


By Angela Fordice Jordan and Faith Grieger


Angela speaks:


It was synchronicity that led me to Faith Grieger and the Life-Between-Lives Center of Asheville. I have a personal policy that if I see or hear something three times, I will take that as a sign that I am meant to know more and pursue it. That was the case with Dr. Michael Newton’s books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. One friend mentioned them. I’d never heard of them and listened to her talk with interest. A week later, I overheard someone on the street talking, and the name Newton floated up. A few days after that, perusing a store in Waynesville with a new friend, she said, “Oh they carry all of Michael Newton’s books. That’s wonderful.”


Bingo! The Rule of Three! I bought one and set off on a journey that led me to Faith. A journey that led me to my eternal self, into past lives, and ultimately into the Soul World.


doorknobAfter reading Dr. Newton’s books I knew I wanted my own Life-Between-Lives (LBL) session, and Faith explained the LBL process has two parts. The first is to experience a Past Life Regression (PLR). I scheduled mine on a Tuesday. I had purchased Faith’s relaxation CD, The Light Within, from her website and my husband and I had listened to it and worked with it several times, so I was comfortable with her voice, excited and ready to get to work. The LBL Center of Asheville is inside a stately old home which houses the Point Health Collective on Haywood Road in West Asheville. When you enter the building, you leave the world behind. Quiet serenity awaits you and you’re met at the door by a long table displaying a variety of herbal teas and sturdy stoneware cups. There is a hot water dispenser and a tasteful note asking for quiet, as treatments are in session. Point Health Collective is home to a talented array of healers. Among them are acupuncturists, massage therapists, an aesthetician, a physical therapist, and of course master hypnotherapist and certified LBL practitioner, Faith Grieger.


Have you ever experienced Déjà vu? Ever met someone for the first time and felt certain that you’d known them somewhere else? Ever had a sense that there’s something else happening on the periphery of your awareness that you can’t quite grasp? That’s the way it was when I first met Faith. She put me at ease the moment she walked in the room where I was enjoying a cup of hot tea. Her smile is infectious. She was as excited as I was about this adventure. She invited me upstairs to her space.


Being inside Faith’s treatment room is like being inside a cocoon. Diffuse white light fills the space. You are cozy in a wraparound white leather chair as she offers you a soft white blanket and a glass of water. You feel comfortable and safe, ready to embark on a journey that will blow your mind wide open and change your perspective forever. Truly, when you emerge from this room, you will not be the same as you were when you entered.


In the beginning of the session we talked for a while about my history, the people in my current life who are nearest and dearest to me, and my recurring issues. By the time we began, any concerns I might have had were laid to rest as Faith had thoroughly explained the regression process and answered all of my questions.


Her smooth hypnotic voice eases you down, down, down into your deep subconscious mind… into a state of relaxation between sleeping and waking. You are walking down a long hallway with doors on either side. She asks you to notice the flooring and then to find yourself in front of a door. Open the door and cross over the threshold and as you do you are in a different world. For me, I stepped into a thick mist and for a time couldn’t see anything, had no idea where I was, but Faith was there and she had me look at my feet, which grounded me in the lifetime in which I found myself. Small, crudely made leather shoes! I was a child, in a forest somewhere in Britain. I lived in a small village with my mother, whom I quickly recognized as one of my dearest friends in this life, a woman with whom I felt an instant connection the first time we met. We both felt it and have often marveled at our bond. We haven’t lived in the same place for almost 30 years and yet, our friendship has remained strong. The mystery of that has always intrigued us both and now, here seemed to be an explanation for it. Of course! We’ve always known each other!


Faith speaks:


Stepping into a past life is the first time many of us have the sense that we truly are eternal beings. Like Angela’s experience, often times we discover our past lives are shared with important people from our current life. That feeling of instant connection we have all experienced is the triggering of our soul memory of that person. Perhaps you and that old friend have spent countless lives together in different places, switching genders and roles. This is beautifully designed so we have many opportunities to learn and grow through our artfully created past lives. The initial past life regression is a pre-requisite to having an LBL session to ensure the client is comfortable with relaxing deeply while moving through time, and open to my guidance before their LBL. Angela was receptive and trusting of the process throughout.


Angela speaks:


I can’t say that I completely understand what happened in that room. I cannot prove anything, but I wonder if needing proof might not be a distraction from the potential healing power of the experience. However, being human, we all want proof, and there is plenty. The work of Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia’s school of medicine, who documented thousands of children with spontaneous past life memories; Roger Woolger, author of Other Lives, Other Selves; Helen Wambach; Brian Weiss, and the list goes on and on.


It’s been a few weeks now and I’m still not sure, but it seems to me that all of the possibilities are equally miraculous. Whether the experience came from my deep subconscious—my imagination—or was an actual remembering of another lifetime, doesn’t really matter to me. And maybe it’s better, this not knowing … leaving all the possibilities open. It felt real. It seemed real and when I listen to the tape that Faith made of my session, I am humbled and amazed and comforted by the experience. What I learned in that session has informed my daily life in ways both powerful and ordinary. I was able to experience my death in a lifetime of the 14th century from the comfortable distance of seven centuries, in the safe atmosphere that Faith provided, and the experience allowed me to see that death is just a doorway. That life doesn’t end, it just changes. What a gift to be able to look at my life from that perspective! Lives flowing out behind me and in front of me. All those experiences, all those chances, all those possibilities, an intricate tapestry gently woven from the gossamer threads of memory. Memories that are becoming more and more available to me since my experience. I look forward to exploring even more expanded possibilities soon with Faith as she guides me through the Soul World in my own LBL session.


Faith speaks:


The brilliance of the subconscious mind amazes me and I feel the wisdom of our eternal selves as each PLR unfolds. It is my belief that past lives featured in a given session are chosen by our souls and our guides. Those who have known us forever know exactly what we need to see, feel, and experience. Every PLR I’ve had the honor to facilitate dovetails beautifully with the client’s current life on many levels. PLR is an excellent way to see how patterns with self and others have played out differently through your soul’s history. The therapy aspect of PLR is in the energetic release of old patterns through awareness. Some clients (like Angela) explore a single past life and others are shown several lives in succession. When more than one life is revealed it is usually to represent the repetition of certain challenges. When we are shown what has been buried deep within our subconscious mind we can release the formerly hidden block or fear and bring back fresh new energy for our current lives. Often this feels like a weight has lifted. After the session even more understandings come through dreams, meditation, and your waking life. Angela mentions the way she views death now since her PLR experience. We realize that death is a beautiful, natural release as the soul lifts out of the physical body leaving its burdens to go back home, back to the unconditional love we share in the Soul World. For many that knowing provides instant relief followed by deep peace.


Now that Angela has had her PLR, we feel confident she can move easily through time and we are comfortable working together as a team in my space. She is ready for her LBL session! We will continue this conversation as she shares her LBL session in Part 2 of a future issue.



Angela Fordice Jordan is a writer who lives in Waynesville. Her book, We End in Joy: Memoirs of a First Daughter was published in 2012 by University Press of Mississippi. She is currently working on a novel, which is set here in the Smokies. Angela and her husband Bob enjoy exploring this life together.


Faith Grieger has been involved in the healing arts for 25 years. Her specialty is spiritual regression including PLR and LBL therapy. She’s trained and certified through the Michael Newton Institute and sits on their Board of Directors. Faith also sees clients with any life challenge, including smoking cessation, weight release, stress/anxiety issues, and depression. She and her husband love living in Asheville! You can find Faith hiking, camping, writing, painting, reading, and traveling every chance she gets. Email: Faith@thelblcenterofasheville.com Website: thelblcenterofasheville.com. Phone: 828-674-8928.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker